OXCGN’s RaiderZ Preview and Huge Giveaway


"I’m going to talk about RaiderZ, the other Free to Play MMORPG that MAEIT Entertainment, best known for GunZ/ The Duel, have cooked up.

If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter franchise then this game is right up your alley.

Also be sure to enter our HUGE competition for closed beta keys and a TRIP to PAX Prime.

RaiderZ is all about moving away from the classic formula of MMOs by removing a targeting system, as well as not limiting the player to being stuck in a particular class."

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BadCircuit1965d ago

This sounds a bit interesting...

Playing a guitar to get ready for battles???

Eske1965d ago

Pretty bizarre. Rest of the game looks a bit more high fantasy, though.

gaminoz1964d ago

That might be its undoing. All these medieval MMORPGs look the same medieval fantasy style

gaminoz1965d ago

I'm not a big medieval MMORPG player, but the free closed beta key might help me decide.