Ninja Gaiden 2 video, screens, and demo impressions from Destructoid

The most exciting prospect of the whole game isn't the smooth, well rendered play or a new mechanic that has enemies going all kamikaze, but the new ninpo being introduced. One of Ryu's new abilities is a whirlwind style attack that mulches enemies in the immediate vicinity and rains their viscera down on your head after the attack has been completed. Enemies further from you also take damage from this attack, although to a lesser extent, losing a leg or arm as opposed to being dismantled entirely -- which for the poor bastards sent to kill you is just another day at the office.

Ninja Gaiden 2 seems to live up to the expectations everyone has for it, with retooled game play, stunning graphics, and an abundance of new attacks and weapons with which to make mincemeat of any that stand in your way.

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THAMMER13822d ago

Look at the detail. NG2 best platform game 2008.

InMyOpinion3822d ago

Even though it's from a youtube clip it looks good.

I noticed something strange. Do the surroundings look awfully big compared to the characters, or is it just me? Look at Ryu when he's close to the railing of the bridge and you might see what I mean. This was usually a problem in older FPS's and some of the earlier 3D games. It looks kinda silly somehow. Miniature ninjas fighting on a giant bridge =)

Just a minor thing that caught my attention. I'm looking forward to playing it. A GDC demo would be great.

BloodySinner3822d ago

This game looks brutally wicked.

Double-Edged3822d ago

this game is straight up hardcore.

this game will look very nice... in my library of AAA titles.


Rikitatsu3822d ago

Seriously DMC4 looks way better than this... in terms of gameplay i mean

BloodySinner3822d ago

You just posted the same garbage in the Open Zone. Why are you spamming?

BLUR1113822d ago

are you kidding me? dmc is good but ng rapes it

T_O873822d ago

i am a ps3 fanboy , DMC4 combat system is nothing compared to NG2 and NG1 which is more challenging and fun , and you have to use your brain in NGS :)

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The story is too old to be commented.