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Submitted by chili16 1291d ago | opinion piece

The Vita Question: Get it or Don't

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1291d ago
Get it!!!

It's worth it just for gravity rush, uncharted and wipeout.

It's worth it just for PSP games on the oled screen.

It's the finest piece of technology ever produced by Sony.
PoSTedUP  +   1291d ago
they will get one this holiday, and i will have my second one when the assassins creed3 bundle drops. (the one i have now is getting beat up so ima use it for travel and bringing it to work/school/errands etc.)
the white one i will use at home and keep it in pristine condition. oh and buy the MWF3 headphones for it they are super good sound and the bass is superb for epic cut scenes.
im playing a lot of psp games on it atm, it is worth it just for MGSHD remake imo. there was nothing like sneaking around and shooting people for 3 hours while i waited for my car to be fixed.
fredrikpedersen  +   1291d ago
Man, I love my Vita too! But are you really gonna buy a second one? :O That's madness :P

Lol, but good for me because that's one more sale and more possibility for games
PoSTedUP  +   1291d ago
yeah mine is scratched up and there are a few dark spots during some contrast parts of games from the screen being banged into (an issue the screen protector cannot protect against). so i need a crap one that i dont have to worry about. today at work i was swinging my box cutter and it banged the screen through my pocket : (. and plus i want the white one its sexy. : D

and haha that's a good way of looking at it ^_^.
xursz  +   1291d ago
I'm getting a second Vita for the Crystal White bundle as well. I'll be giving mine to my brother as a gift. It will be great to team up in Monster Hunter finally, and Soul Sacrifice will be awesome if it has ad hoc support.

And Unit 13 is also better played with a buddy.
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ABizzel1  +   1290d ago
As a Vita owner I say get it, this holiday. If you buy it now you can find some ok deals, and the hardware is worth it, but it's going to be a waste as soon as you beat the 2 - 4 games you want. Wait until this holiday where the Assassin's Creed Bundel comes out, and possibly others, as well as holiday discounts. By then there should be about 5 - 8 games you want, and that should carry you over to next year's games.
_Aarix_  +   1291d ago
Yea thats cool, pay a console price and deal with crap like online passes and dlc, just for like maybe 10-20 games anyway. And for those saying its to be portable how can adults find the time too do that besides the few minute train rides MAYBE. Shouldnt you be distracted by work and socializing than to play a handheld as oppose to waiting for your 360,pc and ps3 at home? Memory cards also should be like $10 for a 4gb. A handheld is a bad place to act like an ass.

And ill be happy to keep my opinions to myself if im the only one doing it
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typeN8  +   1291d ago
I want one
I think im gonna wait till the holiday season..hoping they will go down in price a bit...but even if they dont by then i will have to fork over the 250...cause lbpvita will be out soon after...and i need to play that game
teedogg80  +   1290d ago
Just to inform you, Sony says it has no plans to drop the Vita price any time soon.
Omar91  +   1291d ago
i want one but until i see sony support this bad boy more as well as a announce a price drop or a bundle then I will wait
amaguli  +   1291d ago
I have one and I love it. There great games you can get right now, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.

There will be some great games this holiday season too, Assassin's Creed Liberation, Persona 4: The Golden, and Call of Duty.

I just hope that the memory cards see a price cut soon.
xursz  +   1291d ago
Those are all great games.
guitarded77  +   1291d ago
Get it if you want it... don't get it if you don't want it.

Just don't go around bashing it if you don't have it, because you have little to no experience with it.

If you do end up getting it, buy it for it's potential, not for a promotion.
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TooTall19  +   1291d ago
I would say yes get it by the end of this year to get the most for your money.
Ben_Grimm  +   1291d ago
If you really have no time outside the house to spend on it. Personally I'm too busy when running errands or to even consider a portable dedicated handset. At school i only have short time between classes. If I'm at home I'm on my console.

It's still a great piece of very impressive tech.
Unexpecta  +   1291d ago
I bought my Vita mainly because of the specs. With state of the art hardware, the PSVita has a long life ahead.
MizTv  +   1291d ago
i love my vita!!! playing the hell out of mgsc got the plat in resistance and umvc! plus play the show every day on break at work! damn good baseball game if you ask me
TheLastGuardian  +   1291d ago
If you don't get a PS Vita, you'll miss out on the greatest gaming handheld of all time.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1291d ago
You say that as though its going to be gone in 12 months. I'm going to wait and see if it gets ongoing developer support before I get one.
MasterCornholio  +   1291d ago
The only one who even suggested that within a year Sony would stop producing Vitas was you.

What guardian said is true, if you never get any handheld or console you will never be able to enjoy said handheld or console. Therefore as he said you will be missing out.

The Vita being the best handheld of all time is just his personal opinion.

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chili16  +   1290d ago
Ya I didn't put it in the article, but I am thinking of getting the assassins creed bundle when it comes. Because I really want to play that game! We will see what happens though. I just can't pull the trigger yet. Too many question marks for me right now. But I do love the design and the promise.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1290d ago
dude, have you ever seen a playstation not been properly supported?
vita already has as much games than 3ds had in its first year(fact)
Don,t get me wrong, i like my 3ds but right now i am lying down near a pool playing a shooter(resistance) just like i would be doing at home.
the choice is, of course yours to make, but when you look at the technology crammed inside, the games coming this holiday season(_fifa13, needforspeed, ragnarox odissey, slycooper, playstation all star battle royale, cod blackops, ac3 liberation, disgea3, persona4, street fighterXtekken, littlebigplanet, silent hill book of memories, zoe hd, super monkey balls,wrc3, spy hunter)
i think it is fair to say ps vita has great future ahead of her. The only thing you should do, is stop reading those so called pro websites like modojo, and see for yourself.
chili16  +   1290d ago
hey no complaints there. I have experienced the Vita, but right now, there are not the games I want, so why waste my money now when I could potentially wait for the games I want and a price drop might happen? I love video games and the vita definitely has a bright future, but I just can't pull the trigger yet.
KongRudi  +   1290d ago
Kind of suprised to see a PSNation-writer do a article like this, since they're one of the better websites wich covered alot of Vita-games, but they could allways get better. :)
Alot of the games dosn't get coverage from the media, so I hope you get one. :)

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