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'Hardcore gamers love GameStop' - CEO Paul Raines

Top executive at retailer says company's position with consumers is "very, very strong," the lifestyle of a gamer requires used games; believes next-gen consoles that block used games don't make economic sense. (Culture, GameStop, Industry)

Emilio_Estevez  +   724d ago
I don't have a problem with them, but then again I never trade in a game; NEVER!
PoSTedUP  +   724d ago
i buy games new then trade them in if they are bad, i go through so many games and so much money, buy idc the developer is getting my money and if their game sucks it's traded in for the next guy to buy it used. but support the devs is all i gotta say.
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Corepred4  +   724d ago
Never understood the hate people have towards this store. They should already know NOT to buy used or trade/sell games there, it's just common knowledge now. I buy games from there because they usually give out some kick ass items if you preorder there (24 packs on FIFA 13 ultimate team!). I sell my games through craigslist and buy used on craigslist. Done.
hazardman  +   724d ago
I personally like Gamestop. I buy from Gamestop new, then trade or sell on Craigslist. I also like the buy 2 get 1 free. Leave the store with 3 great games or accessories, and I agree I never use to preorder games, but now I do cause they always have some exclusive item or dlc. Funcoland, Electronic Boutique, Gamestop... Gamer4Life!!
BrutallyBlunt  +   724d ago
Not sure why hardcore gamers would love them, every time i go into one of them i seem to know more than the employees.
Hicken  +   724d ago
That would be because the company focuses on hiring salesman these days; the actual gamers are constantly being pushed out the door.
turgore  +   724d ago
I don't trade games because I'm building a collection and they pay chump change for games, however I do buy games from them since they are considerably cheaper than in other places.
Farsendor1  +   724d ago
i have no reason to trade games or sell games.
enkeixpress  +   724d ago
lol.. Real "Hardcore" gamers, myself being one, know where to shop for their games though.. Online.
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yabhero  +   724d ago
True but I don't likethe wait for shipping for for me GameStop is the way to go...
I do buy some things online...
PoSTedUP  +   724d ago
yeah when i want a game i jet out of my house n drive to gamestop fiendin' like a crack fiend, when i want a game i get it within that 15-20min. it doesn't get anymore hardcore than That. also the reason i wont use gamefly.
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theWB27  +   724d ago
Disc replay is alot better store back in Indy. Cheaper games and more trade in money. But Gamestop isn't bad. I refuse to buy from Walmart.
PoSTedUP  +   724d ago
yes wallmart are a evil corporation.
shammgod  +   724d ago
Agree. WalMart, they censor the music, but sell movies with violence, language and nudity. Not sure if I understand that. I am surprised they don't do the same with games since music and games seem to be the scapegoat when kids do dumb shit. Movies though...that's cool👍👍
SlapHappyJesus  +   724d ago
I only look to Gamestop for older games you can no longer buy new, or whenever they offer a worthwhile pre-order bonus.

I tend to only buy new games. As often as possible anyway. I am the sort of consumer that a company like this hates. The feeling is mutual.

They are everything that is wrong with the secondhand market.
InTheLab  +   724d ago
It is nice to have all your gaming needs in one place. No waiting for mail or paying for delivery. All you have to deal with is a few assholes that don't really want to work there.

Of course GS is s*** for low balling you for trades, but that's really my only complaint.
ChunkyLover53  +   724d ago
I just consider myself a "gamer" I don't really add anything before that, but I don't mind Gamestop. I have never traded in a game or console with them. I hold on to all of my games and consoles.

I have managed to get some pretty good deals on used games from them. So no complaints on my end, if your looking to sell your used games, use Ebay or Craigslist, you'll make more.

People that complain about Gamestop baffle me, why trade things in if you know your getting ripped off? Its like the COD complainers, if you hate the game, why play it?
Feldman9000  +   724d ago
Kinda hard to do when you don't sell that many pc games.
Reverent  +   724d ago
Oh come on, if the world was full of PC gamers, GameStop would go out of business. Steam is where it's at.
karlowma  +   724d ago
I don't have anything against Gamestop (EB Games here in Canada), but I find Wal-mart consistently has better prices and stock availability.

I would actually say Gamestop is more valuable to the non-hardcore, like a parent looking to buy a game for their kid, since the staff can actually give advice that I wouldn't expect from a larger department store.
yabhero  +   724d ago
I also visit them a lot because I mainly buy used console games, I only ever buy 3DS games new... the ones in New Tork have a great selection of used PS3 games for under 35 bucks
T3MPL3TON  +   724d ago
Gamestop is my number place to buy games. I constantly see all these people who have issues and I can't help but wonder if it's not just 100% fabricated. I've shopped at many different Gamestops and haven't had an issue.. ever. Also the complaints about them ripping you off is people not waiting for the right time. I go only when they have extra trade in credit deals which is damn near 3 times a month now. The last time I went to Gamestop I traded in 4 games I bought for 5 dollars each during Black Friday and got back 12 dollars each at Gamestop because they had a extra 50% trade in credit deal plus another 30% if you preordered a game. It's all about picking the right times.
darklingz  +   724d ago
I prefer best buy for my games. For being part of the gamer club I get real good coupons through my app n in the magazine. Something Gamestop doesn't do anymore.
WeskerChildReborned  +   724d ago
I don't have a problem with Gamestop except the trade in value but it's like that where ever i go.
BelieveinGhosts  +   724d ago
This might seem a bit Random guys, but do any of you plan on getting Halo 4 from Gamestop?

If not, then where else?
Skate-AK  +   724d ago
I got all three Fatal Frame's from there a couple weeks ago. I was so happy.
2pacalypsenow  +   724d ago
i dont mind buying from them i just dont sell there unless they have those extra 50% trade in bonuses
AgreeFairy  +   724d ago

Best Buy > Gamestop


Amazon > Gamestop
Ethereal  +   724d ago
I am a hardcore gamer and I hate Gamestop. Best Buy all the way.
ALLWRONG  +   724d ago
I prefer Gamefly, I can keep anything and devs get their money. Everything is 30 to 50% off.
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Veneno  +   724d ago
Oh yeah the hardcore just love:

-walking into the store and having the sales clerk look at you like they want to kill you
-waiting jn line behind the mom and the 40 year old guy thatknow nothing about games.
- saving $3 on a used copy of a game with an online pass vs. a new copy.
-paying upto double the price than you can find online.
- going to a midnight launch and being stuck around pepole whos only social interaction ever are midnight launches.
mananimal  +   724d ago
Hardcore gamers love GameStop' - CEO Paul Raines.........."If you repeat a LIE long enough & loud enough, the people will start to beleive it" . Adolph Hitler

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