Twinfinite's Favorite Villains From Gaming

A challenger approaches. The lights dim, or perhaps the music speeds up. You’re finally face to face with the enemy you’ve been playing the entire game to get to. These bad guys are the ones that set up the story, the obstacles in the way of you and your goal.

It's Villains Week at Twinfinite and the staff is kicking it off with a run up of their favorite gaming villains.

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WeskerChildReborned2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Wow right when i saw Master Hand, i just remembered that boss battle. Idk why but i had a hard time facing him but this article sure brought back memories.

Treian2125d ago

Sepiroth is just average....

D3mons0ul2125d ago

You either didn't play FF7 or you didn't understand what you played.


I am starting to think ADD is a factor in the "FF7 is overrated" bs that's been cropping up over the last couple of years.

Dumbass kids just can't pay attention anymore.

Treian2125d ago

I don't know what is worse. The fact that you fail at trolling or can't recognize when something is overrated. BTW, I am not a kid. Sepiroth was good, but many other villains are way more awesome-Ultimecia for example.

DrRobotnik2125d ago

I think Pyramid Head from SH2 was my favorite villain.