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Sony’s Yoshida on the SOCOM Franchise, “It’s Not Done.”

MP1st - Last March, Sony Computer Entertainments closed the doors of studio Zipper Interactive, developers behind SOCOM and MAG. Since then, many fans of the SOCOM series have been curious whether or not the franchise will continue. SCE boss, Shuhei Yoshida took the time to comment on this matter.

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Community1905d ago
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KingOptimusOrigin1111905d ago

Yes!!! I would like to see a Socom 5 for next gen and make it more like Socom 2. I would also like to see Socom on PS Vita.

Abash1905d ago

Id like to see a SOCOM reboot that restores it back to it's roots and makes a single player thats actually good and interestin

PoSTedUP1905d ago

yes i love you! (not you abash, yoshida) you just gave me hope!!!!

socom on ps vita and a confrontations2 because that was like socom 2, socom4 was trash. if they make something like socom 3/ca i would be happy aswell.

Abash1905d ago


Phew, I thought Id have to break it to you that I didnt love you back

srcBFMVBMTH1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Agreed, Socom 5 back to it's roots, Socom 1,2,3,CA HD remake, or Socom: Confrontation 2 before this gen is over would be awesome IMO. Hell, why not all three? Lol

Oh yea, What about MAG 2?

BattleAxe1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I would love to see a Socom 1,2,3 & Combined Assault remastered as an HD Collection like GoW 1&2. How sick would it be to have all the multiplayer maps available from all 4 games and to also have the co-op from Combined Assault included. Socom: Confrontation 2 would be ok I guess, but Confrontation was still nowhere near as good as the PS2 Socom games.

Heres the official PS Blog Socom 2 HD petition:

@ ritsuka666

"No, give it for Slant six. I really want Socom confrontation 2."

That has to be the dumbest comment regarding Socom that I've ever seen. Slant 6 was a complete disaster.

pixelsword1904d ago

I hope MAG isn't done either.

blumatt1904d ago

Imagine a MAG 2 as a PS4 launch title.

1000 player all out war multiplayer. LoL.

Off topic Do you guys think the next systems will require a higher minimum broadband speed to play. I have a crappy 768 Kbps dsl connection. (AT&T)
I wonder if they'll make it where they require like 3 mb or higher connection to start supporting games with much higher player counts.


PoSTedUP1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

lol @ abash.

@battleaxe- yeah TECHNICAL disaster at and around the Launch but that's about it. slant six actually knew what they were doing Creating the game. hence why zipper was canned. i Still dont know why the hell they were working on unit13 at All, i mean i could have told them that it wouldnt do well and make them look bad. confrontations and FTB3 were the closest socom games to date. zipper went the route of Capcom--completely destroying their series trying to make it like all the other generic games out there.

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ritsuka6661904d ago

No, give it for Slant six. I really want Socom confrontation 2.

srcBFMVBMTH1904d ago

Guerrilla Games isn't a bad pick. I mean, Killzone is amazing and their first game was a 3rd person shooter so who knows? I personally think they should give it to the guys who made Syphon Filter though.

Marked1904d ago

LOL...give it to slant six?

The same company that had confrontation screwed up for several months after release? Had created a game that could be hacked on the PS3? Most recently, failed at making operation Racoon City?

Slant six is full of fail. Dont let the better of to shit sticks confuse you into believing one is good for a game.

BaSeBaLlKiD7211904d ago

I'm sure Slant Six has learned how to program on the PS3 more efficiently since 2008. Confrontation was actually fun if you take out the glitches (which were mostly present in the menu rather than the gameplay).

I say give Slant Six another shot with Confrontation 2.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1904d ago

"it more like Socom 2"

lol not gonna happen in today's world the games must be accessible to everyone!

JAMurida1904d ago

I can't see that happening without the original hands of Zipper with it, but who knows...

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Nitrowolf21905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I really hope they do an HD remake of the past SOCOM titles and with Online Multipler. If not all then do the best of the three (2) :)

ChunkyLover531905d ago

Who would handle it? If they went back to the Socom 2 formula, I'd be all for it. I spent months on that game.

Lord_Sloth1905d ago

They should give it to me as the director. I loved Socom 2 oh so much and would accept nothing short of the amazing it gave me all those years ago.

hardcorehippiez1905d ago

i heard a rumour , cant remember where though. but i heard guerilla games is doing socom.

BoNeSaW231904d ago

I read the most trolly lame comment today, but can't remember where though....

hardcorehippiez1904d ago

how in the hell am i trolling , that was a genuine bit of info gave on my behalf . i dont know how true it is but at the same time i wasnt being obnoxious telling n4g about it. me , myself am a bit sceptical about it if it is true because the game has always been in zippers hands except for confrontation which slant six did. I am a huge socom fan and slant six's effort was the most true to socom this gen so far so theoretically geurilla games could do it if theyve transfered the license for it.

BlackTar1871904d ago

bonesaw please be quiet while grown ups are talking.