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Endless possibilities, a Dust 514 preview (NoobFeed)

Marco from NoobFeed says: The producers promise that the game will be very different from anything that has been seen in other first-person shooter games. Analyzing what we've seen so far, it seems quite possible it will live up to those claims. (DUST 514, PS3)

franko  +   1000d ago
I've played 3-4 matches this weekend and i'm disapointed. Graphic is blurry as hell,you gotta unload 3 clips to kill somebody, weapon sound is horrible...there's more but i aint got time to write...
BoNeSaW23  +   1000d ago
100% AGREE!

The graphics on this game make MAG look like Uncharted in comparison.
The Weapons have NO "feel" to them what so ever.
The grenade system is ridiculously awful.
The menus and font are tiny! I have great vision and found myself squinting to read EVERYTHING!
After Every match you have to go back to Merc HQ(Where you have to walk slow as hell) to select a new match,which you always join half way over.
And the UI,Leveling,Money and Customization Systems are WAY MORE Complicated beyond any game I have played before.

There is plenty more stuff that sucks with Dust and I'm sure somebody is gonna say "It's a Beta! It'll get better! It's suppose to be crappy!" NO. This game just blows!
How anybody would find enjoyment in this mess is beyond me!? Enjoy EVE players! I'll pass on this Shite!
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Pintheshadows  +   1000d ago
That's why it's called a beta you genius. It's not finished yet, or did you miss the unmissable message at the top of the screen.
HammadTheBeast  +   1000d ago
Your kind of an asshat for not realizing the difference between a closed and open beta, and you also complained that the game has too much depth lol.

Also, if you check out the E3 Beta trailer, that is what the final graphics will be like. We are currently playing on a build 2-3 versions behind what the devs have.
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Reverent  +   1000d ago
I honestly think BoNeSaw is just trolling. I played the game this weekend and thought it was awesome. OBVIOUSLY, something must be wrong with your eyes because I don't even have perfect vision and I could read EVERYTHING perfectly fine. Maybe get a new TV? I played it both on a 32" HD screen, and a 55" HD screen. Both worked perfect. The graphics are fine as far as gun models go but the enviromental textures could definitely use some work. Aiming is a little floaty, especially when using a sniper rifle. Actual movement feels nice and heavy. Driving vehicles is spot on, no messy collisions as far as I can tell. The UI is awesome; everything is bright and readable. There is a lot of customization and the load times are generally pretty quick (Two things I very much appreciate in a game).

People, don't listen to those two trolls above^ For being a beta, the game is perfectly fine for where it's at. Sure, it could use a lot of work, but it IS a beta. That's to be expected. The game will be FREE, so how can your really complain?
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BoNeSaW23  +   1000d ago
I'm not trolling Reverent.
Have I ever posted anything on Dust before I tried it this weekend? NO.
Those were, and still are, my complaints about this game. I said my piece and am not gonna waste anymore time with Dust or trying to argue with EVE players why
"I" <---Keyword "I", DO NOT ENJOY IT"S BETA!

So if you see me post EVER again on a Dust article feel free to label me, um k. Until then take my above comment as my OPINION. That's all it is.
And FREE is not always good my friend! This will be a Pay to Win Game, mark my words! ;)
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Reverent  +   1000d ago
How will it be "Pay to win" if everything you buy is literally just a reskin of everything you can earn for free? Answer me that, please.
HammadTheBeast  +   1000d ago
I agre, other than with vehicles. They are a mess, especially LAVs. But tanks are fine, as well as dropships somewhat.
r21  +   1000d ago
yeah, it really needs alot improvements. thankfully they arent releasing the game anytime soon.

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