Far Cry 2 Interview With Alexandre Anacio writes:

"We've had lots of Far Cry 2-related news lately and we've no intention to stop, since this shooter is going to kick some serious ass this year (hopefully...). Recently we've stumbled upon an interview with Alexandre Anacio, from Ubisoft's Montreal Studios."

" has an exclusive interview with Anacio about the history of Far Cry 2 and about the stage where the team is at now. Since the interview is in Dutch, we've searched for a translation and this is what we've come up with from Jay, a registered member of"

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solar3825d ago

this game should be fun. cant wait :D

TheHater3825d ago

I didn't really like the first one. So I am just going to pass on this one. There is just too many good games coming out this year that I want.

heyheyhey3825d ago

interview was pretty boring...

still highly anticipating FC2 though, should be ace

jaja14343825d ago

I have no doubt my little CPU can run it nicely. I just hope they refine the engine so that it can run it on very high. :)

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