Chronicling Your Adventure

Stephen Fournier writes:

"At their core, video games are about escapism, living from moment to moment in another world that is more fantastic than our own. What makes MMOs special is that it isn’t just another story or world to inhabit, but also the stories of every one of the players around us, working both with us, and against us. The experiences you have with those players within the game is what creates memories that last, memories of giant events like the when the gates of Ahn’Qiraj opened on your server after members on both the Horde and Alliance worked together for a common goal. On the other hand were the small interactions between players that made the world come alive in Star Wars Galaxies; a game where players could train each other, open shops and bars for their friends, or even build entire cities to inhabit. These were good memories that defined your character in game."

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