What The Hell Is Kingdom Hearts? A Beginner’s Guide To Square Enix’s RPG Series

Kotaku- There's a new Kingdom Hearts game out tomorrow. It's called Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and it's the seventh game in a series that now has 250% more spinoffs than main installments.

To some of you a new Kingdom Hearts might be reason to celebrate. To others it might just be confusing. What is Kingdom Hearts? Why should you care? Why does Mickey look like he's about to steal your car? We're here to explain.

The_Devil_Hunter1372d ago

Only one of the best Action JRPGs of all time.

belac091372d ago

its a sublime experience! it can be life changing if you really dig deep into it. definitely one of if nt the best game ever.

D3mons0ul1372d ago

it's nice to see Kotaku in such a pitiful state. Won't be long until the site closes.

Maybe I'm an optimist

--Onilink--1372d ago

did i miss something? i dont see anything diferent with Kotaku(for better or for worse), at least not by looking at this article