The Best Selling DS and PSP Games of 2007 Revealed

Pocket Gamer writes:

"We're almost eight per cent of the way through 2008 so maybe it's a little late to still be harking back to '07 but the top selling games of the year have been announced, so let's indulge ourselves for one last time, eh?"

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spectyre3767d ago

I don't own a single one of those games for PSP. I would've figured MGS:PO, Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow, FF:Tactics, Jeanne D'Arc would've been on the list.

PS360WII3767d ago

would of been really intresting to see the numbers behind the games as well.

GamerMan3767d ago

"with things only picking up again towards the latter half of 2007. It'll be interesting to see what kind of effect these later arrivals will have on the same list in 12 months' time. "

This quote in the story suggests they didn't work with the full list of games from 2007 which is odd. It also seems to be lifetime sales data they are using because why is Liberty City stories in there because why would a 2005 game still be selling like hot cakes?

It is supposed to be the best selling games of 2007 but I feel the data is lacking or they should of held off until all the 2007 games could of been accounted for. Interesting none the less.

Also suprise Puzzle Quest wasn't included.

mikeslemonade3767d ago

It's sad to see Castlevania not to make the top 10 PSP games of 2007, but it came out in like September so it didn't have that much time to sell.

ManOnFire3767d ago

It seems that new adopters of the systems have been keeping an eye on what they like and then after buying the system pick up some of the titles that caught thier attention.

I agree with one of the comments above about wanting to know the overall sales of some of these games.

Tariu-kun3767d ago

That none of the games sony released for their own handheld didn't make it on the highest bought list.
(That was the most unsmooth sentence ever)
Anyway, kind of odd, but no big deal, a games a game.

Keyser3767d ago

I just got my PSP this Christmas and I own none of those games on the list. I've got Castlevania, Battlefront II, Killzone, Jeanne D'Arc, and Hotshot's which takes up most of my time. Hmm...even as highly rated PSP games go I don't see myself picking up any of those on the list. Oh well, Bring on GWO:COO. It will be on the top of every list.