Review : Agatha Christie: And When There Were None - Wii

The first review for the ported PC game Agatha Christie: And When There Were None for Wii has now gone live.

"With the unique capabilities of the Wii-mote I expected it to be used in a number of interesting ways to solve puzzles. As it stands, there are segments in the game where using the Wii-mote is part of the puzzle, for example, twisting it to open a door, using it to shovel some flour out a sack or spinning it to open a safe, but it hasn't been used to its full potential. There are so many doors in the mansion that you spend most of your time just twisting your Wii-mote to unlock them and it just gets a bit pointless and irritating. The shovelling motion, which I thought I'd need to use to obtain flour from a sack, was actually just a quick shake up and down of the controller and not a shovelling motion at all. The Wii-mote's unique functionality just hasn't been taken advantage of."

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