Get The Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 Free With PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Blog: On August 7th, PlayStation Plus members will get Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Episodes 1& 2 added to their Instant Game Collection. That’s not all – in the next few weeks PlayStation Plus members will also receive significant discounts on the latest and best PSN games a part of PSN PLAY event, beginning tomorrow, July 31st.

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Hisiru2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

There is a rumour on the internet saying xbox live is better.

Thanks to PSN plus i already have 15+ games for free.

SuicidalTendencies2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

You don't have any free games. You have 15 rented games as long as keep paying for Plus.

Edit: lol at the disagrees. How am I wrong? Butt hurt fanboys.

Yi-Long2304d ago

... which is still a better deal than what Microsoft are offering with their 'Gold'.

Don't get me wrong. I've got Gold, and I'm OK with it, but I get a bit jealous when I look at all the stuff you get when you become a Plus-member.

Ducky2304d ago

^ It is better, but that still doesn't make those games "free" when they're part of a subscription.

OllieBoy2304d ago

I love the "rental" argument. As someone who's subscribed through 2014, I don't really care if I'm just "renting" them.

And once I 100% a game, I rarely ever go back it. PS+ is the best thing I've been been subscribed to and it's a helluva lot more value than what MS charges $60 a month for.

the worst2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

your renting to play online with your friends for $60 a year
@SuicidalTendencies your butt hole hurts.
what does your money get you???

SuicidalTendencies2304d ago

You can tell the fanboys just by their responses. No where in my original comment did I say anything about Xbox Live Gold. I was just pointing out to that poster that he's not really getting games for free. It's just like renting games from Gamefly. I can keep them as long as I want but at some point I have to send them back. If you get rid of Plus your games go bye bye. I also believe XBL is a rip off so your comments about it don't bother me.

jwk942304d ago

Wow. Why all the disagrees? You ARE renting these games regardless of how long you have your subscription. Once your sub runs out they're gone until you resub, it's the same way with XBL. Both services provide rentals. PS+ is personally the better value because in addition to the rentals, it lets me have betas and discounts.

DigitalRaptor2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Does it really matter if "they're not really free"? If you wanted to physically rent all these games that are offered in a year, it would cost you a lot by itself. If you wanted to buy the games that are on offer, it would cost you more.

Some of the games are actually free because you download the game's digital license and it stays in your download list AFTER your subscription has run out. Plants Vs. Zombies is one example of this.

PS+ offers tremendous value for a discount and rental service. It gives you an opportunity to experience games you might have thought weren't worth buying or you didn't know existed, but are still really great games. There are some beautifully unexpected things you receive from being a PS+ member.

I hope these games are applied to the EU PS+. I've held out on these games for a discount, and this would be perfect.

j4re2304d ago

15 + games that you don't really own. But yes, at least it's something for your $60 a year.

Hisiru2304d ago

@FatOldMan and SuicidalTendencies
This "rental" argument is bullshit. I finished FULL games like Darksiders, Little Big Planet 2, Just Cause 2, Infamous and many others thanks to PSN+, so it doesn't really matter. Why would you stop paying for this service if it's so good, you have tons of discounts and tons of free games each month?

xbox live gives me features that I don't even care about, but I am forced to pay or else I won't be able to play online.

Ducky2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

^ It isn't an argument. It's a fact.

Yes, PS+ is a great subscription service. I have it, and I'd encourage others to get it too.
That still doesn't mean that you can call those games free.

You paid the subscription, and got access to those games for the duration of the subscription. That's all SuicidalTendencies was correcting you on. We're not bashing PS+, we're just being obsessively pedantic about what the word 'free' means. =)

BitbyDeath2304d ago

You are wrong cause you wrote 'rent' when the correct terminology is 'lease'

cruxito2304d ago

to SuicidalTendencies: rented or not, we can play those games for free, unlike the xbox that charges to play online and dont give you anythig back ever.

PLaystation Plus is great waaaay better than xbox live,

RyuStrife2303d ago

For those thinking PSN+ is $60/year, it's not. It's $50. Just to clear that out. It's actually directed at j4re, but some people may have misunderstood that as well.

Being a subscriber, you do get free things though, such as avatars, themes, certain DLCs that are permanent.

Bowzabub2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

@suicidaltendencies.. He'll of a lot better than renting your own ISP (Twice). XD. Think about that. And even if you really want to compare it to Gamefly, which is retarded, you're getting it for way cheaper. So let's just call it discounts of astronomical proportions.

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Hoje03082304d ago

I was planning on waiting until all five episodes had been released before I made a purchase, but if they're just going to give them to me...

lodossrage2304d ago

If you want to look at it that way, then you only rent the "right" to play online as long as you pay for Live.

Plus is no different than Netflix

SuicidalTendencies2304d ago

You're right about Live. That's why when my subscription runs out in August I'm not renewing it, but that doesn't change the fact that the poster isn't getting free games. They are just rented, like Netflix, as long as he keeps paying for his Plus.

PockyKing2304d ago

Yea and with Xbox Live you can't even use things you fucking pay for. I pay for Netflix and can't use it on Xbox 360 cause I don't have Gold, stupidest thing.

god_o_war2303d ago

lol so im renting full games at 50cents each a year? Thats a bloody rip off mate!!!

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paddystan2304d ago

HOLY SHIT! Sony, I love you so much right now!!! I really love PS Plus! Screw you, Microsoft!

Krimmson2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I paid $20 for all 5 episodes. Now people can get all 5 episodes for $15 with PSPlus...

TBM2304d ago

i'm glad i waited lol.

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