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Nintendo: ‘We Don’t Want Hardcore Gamers To Feel Left Out’

Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi claims that the Wii has a small number of multi-platform games because Wii Remotes lack features of traditional video game controllers – for example, a Wii Remote does not have analog sticks. According to Eguchi, Nintendo is offering the Wii U Pro Controller to hardcore gamers so that they will not feel left out. Eguchi believes that adding the Wii U Pro Controller may make it easier for multi-platform games to come out on Wii U. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

mike1up  +   792d ago

I didn't know that the Pro Controller also came in white.
miyamoto  +   792d ago
" Adding a Pro controller may make it easier for multi-platform games to come out on the [Wii U] system. Wii remotes don’t have things like analog sticks. To make it as easy as possible to enjoy certain multiplayer experiences it was important to have that Pro controller.”

Wait a minute...

The word "may" says that they are not so sure about 3rd party games on the PS360 ported to Wii U?
That is why they made the Pro Controller?

Do we really need to buy a separate Pro Controller for multi-platform games?

Doesn't the Wii U game pad have two analog sticks & necessary buttons & functions to play games on it already?

And on top of that Nintendo requires us to buy Wii Remote and Nunchucks for Wii games?

And isn't the Wii U Gamepad the defacto & official bundled controller?

Is the Pro Controller an optional purchase?

That is a lot of money for controllers! even for serious gamers.

And what if I want to play Batman Arkham City or Aliens Colonial Marines with the Pro Controller will the exclusive WiiU Game Pad features will be rendered useless or turned off?

Also is there any word if Wii U will display Wii games in HD?

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quantae06  +   791d ago
Really!? They have been showing the white controllers forever man.
SandWitch  +   792d ago
Then show some games that hardcore gamers are interested in
Not a controller

At the moment ZombiU is the only interesting game for a hardcore gamer IMO.
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mike1up  +   792d ago
Well, that's the point of this article. The Pro Controller could attract more 3rd party devs. With a more traditional button layout, and no frame drop, 3rd party devs could definitely appease the "core" crowd.

But yea, as for Nintendo,... they should bring out their own "hardcore" games too. That's kind of a given though.
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LKHGFDSA  +   792d ago
in the same way the classic pro controller for the Wii does?
they need more than a controller.
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mike1up  +   792d ago
Yea... the exact same way that the Classic Controller provides no frame drop for the Wii, dummy.

More than a controller you say? You mean like having 3rd party exclusives, HD games, and a network available at launch?
Moncole  +   792d ago
It has a bunch of great games

Xperia_ion  +   792d ago
Games are suppose to entertain, that is all.
user5467007  +   792d ago
The way he said that sounds like were coming in second

"Oh the core gamers.....yeah, just make a pro controler and they'll be fine"

I guess the casual audience are still the main focus.
mike1up  +   792d ago
If you read the entire quote, and not just the title, it doesn't sound that way at all.

“We’re all gamers as well and we appreciate the interest of those [hardcore] gamers, and we don’t want them to feel left out, so we’re making big strides and changes in that area.”
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Sono421  +   792d ago
mr_mike > MikeCosvgrove
But hey leave it to him to not read the article and to start blindly hating
user5467007  +   791d ago

I love how you think my comment is me blindly hating it

It's an opinion, nothing more, nothing less...get over it Sono421
marioball   792d ago | Spam
Xperia_ion  +   792d ago
Awwwwww, Nintendo cares.
CaJuaLFeatPuFF  +   792d ago
That shit loook like a remote massager lmfaoo
bahabeast  +   792d ago
the controller is nice and they are showing that with this controller, online support, hd graphics they can draw a hardcore crowd even though its not thier primary focus. keep goin with what you do best nintendo they hated on the wii also but its 90 million strong now
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   792d ago
If if the Wii u ends up being as powerful as the ps3 Nintendo might as well forget about the core gamer
TheColbertinator  +   792d ago
F-Zero WiiU please
joeorc  +   792d ago
but..but does it come in the box?
I can already see it now..Lmao

Is the Pro controller included in the box along with the Tablet Controller?

was that not the Argument of MANY FANS BEFORE! That developer's will not make games for the system that take advantage of the platform, if the control option is not included out of the Box?

or does that only matter when it's not Nintendo that does not include something out of the box, in order for that system to get support?

you have Gamer's already asking this Question:

"I think its just an excuse by 3rd parties, because after the Super NES, the 3rd parties gave up on Nintendo home consoles due to the whole cartridge v.s. CD situation. So now they try to find every excuse in the book in order to not put games on Nintendo systems. Nintendo is trying to make it so that there will be NO excuses, but will this work?"

So if this controller is not included right out of the box, than what does that tell the 3rd party developers?

are they going to target the Tablet controller for their main part of their games or this Controller PRO?
PopRocks359  +   792d ago
No, the Pro controller is only for anyone who really wants it and here's why; the Wii U gamepad (the thing that actually comes in the package) IS the Pro controller but with more inputs (the screen, for example). Two sticks, four face buttons, L/R/1/2 and a D-pad, not to mention motion control and a touch screen.

You could just as easily play any core game on that as well as a Pro controller. The latter is simply there so you can use something more ergonomic to your playstyle (like fighting and shooting games for example would probably be better played on a Pro controller).
stuntman_mike  +   791d ago
Exactly the whole reason i wanna play the wii u is the game pad, it's nice that they added a pro controller but the wii u game pad does just the same and a bit more.

I don't see why the wii u game pad wouldn't attract 3rd party games. it's not like they have to use it in unique ways.
LKHGFDSA  +   792d ago
The BS thing Nintendo seem to be doing with the Wii U though is giving hardcore gamers their little section in the corner, let the Wii U have an X360 controller and some old console ports. I was imagining they'd reboot some of their 'hardcore' titles like F-Zero and Earthbound, or atleast ease up on the whole retardly-easy user-friendly approach.
PopRocks359  +   792d ago
So you call Pikmin, P-100, ZombiU, Batman, Aliens, Tekken, Call of Duty, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Rayman and Assassin's Creed III a "little section in the corner?" That vastly outweighs the casual games that Nintendo showcased at E3.

I'm no fan of casual games either, but those games are part of the industry's business model. Look at Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's storybook gizmo.
quantae06  +   791d ago
F-Zero is currently under development.
wiiulee  +   792d ago
nintendo is making all the right moves, a great system, innovation, nintendo and thirdparty games, hardcore games...but sony and microsoft fanboys dnt get the point that all true next generation systems starts with nintendo...wii brought motion control, ds two screens, 3ds ...3d, wiiu the gamepad and games for everyone...sony and microsoft copied the motion controls , went after casual gamers..but haters will hate.
Drainage  +   792d ago
at least they care unlike microKinect
BitbyDeath  +   792d ago
Just keep 3rd party interested and overtime try add more 1st party studios like Sony does and the core will gradually go to them.
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Droid Control  +   791d ago
I've felt left out since the gamecube.

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