NVIDIA Ultimate Gaming Notebooks: 8800M GTX SLI

Via Legit Reviews:

"NVIDIA has launched their new flagship video processor for mobile computers, the GeForce 8800M GTX and 8800M GTX. NVIDIA wants to power your DX10 notebook and took a huge leap forward in technology by introducing this new hardware architecture. Already, Dell, Alienware, and Sager are offering the new 8800M in one of their many notebook configurations. Let's take a closer look what NVIDIA is serving up."

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mighty_douche3856d ago

"the GeForce 8800M GTX and 8800M GTX"

Umm am i missing something? whats the difference?

ELite_Ghost3856d ago

they prob forgot to put sli on the 2nd one

Marceles3856d ago

I can't even find that quote above

MrSwede3856d ago

My bad guys! I quoted another site.

gta_cb3856d ago

just wow in the link it says these will be able to run Crysis (although i doubt very well nor with alot of things turned on high), Gears of War and COD4!

SaiyanFury3856d ago

I'd love to see what a laptop with those GPUs in SLI costs. I run SLI on my own PC and it cost me enough. I'll stick with my desktop PC for my gaming. My laptop can run emulators well enough and play DVDs for my mobile needs.