Sony make.believe Puts One Uncharted Fan in Nathan Drake’s Boots

Posted by Anna Ritchie // Community Manager, Sony -

Back in March, you may have heard about our UNCHARTED 3 make.believe contest, when we invited UNCHARTED fans to participate in a contest to win the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to become their very own character in the game. Today, I’m going to share with you the winner and his incredible journey.

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Sizzon2124d ago

Pretty cool, and they acutally made him a MP character :)

SJPFTW2124d ago

is this the 1.13 update ND teased us about? was hoping for more notes on gameplay tweaks/fixes

Welshy2124d ago

This is such a cool opportunity and nice gesture from the studio, getting the players involved in the game and actually making him part of of it, yet some people STILL need to find negatives.

of course they are working on fixes too, but can't a dev get some slack now and then and just have a good time and some fun? jeez.

level 3602124d ago

What a nice and probably memorable experience and opportunity.

Good footage.

Outside_ofthe_Box2124d ago

Wow, that was pretty cool. Congrats to that dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.