Watch Dogs: Showing That New IP Is Worth The Risk

X360: Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s ambitious game is one of the few that doesn’t have a number after it. Watch Dogs is proof that new IP this late in the gen is worth the risk…

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Emilio_Estevez2059d ago

It's always worth the risk as long as you show something people will actually want to play.

Dailynch2059d ago

It's about time someone stopped depending on sequels!

samson-12059d ago

Its only a matter of time before this one has a sequel too. 99% of the time if we don't see one its because the game didn't do well.

remanutd552059d ago

how about releasing a console with a new IP as flagship title? lol

bahabeast2059d ago

sleeping dogs looks fine by me i can deff see it selling well,once a game is good its always welcomed by gamers

red dead redemption
l a noire
alan wake
heavy rain

they were all games that devs were afraid of trying but they succeeded

strange19862059d ago

I'm ridiculously interested in this title, but a cool idea and a slick trailer alone don't really prove that the risk is worth it. One can't really accurately make that judgement until there is a finished product.

But hot damn this game looks incredible.

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