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Posted Jan 28th 2008 5:00AM by Andrew Yoon:

Although the presentation is decidedly simple, the execution is anything but. Hidden underneath the cute exterior is a game that's incredible difficult, and emasuclating at times. As easy as the controls and the concept are, this is easily one of the most hardcore games available on the PSN. PixelJunk Monsters will strain the minds of even the most cunning. Ultimately, its difficulty is a double-edge sword: it makes each level addictive and satisfying to complete, but also inspires a painful level of crushing frustration.

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wolfehound223827d ago

Very true although it sounds easy enough it is quite a difficult game.

thewhoopimen3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I bought the game as well thinking it would be diverting fun ... until I started spending hours on this game trying to "perfect" the levels just to advance. It brings out the worst in gamers, and is NOT fun if your goal is to simply get perfect scores on every level. The irony of it is that I do not recommend anyone get this "pretty"(charming looking) game unless they are prepared for some hardcore sessions and I do mean masochistically painful long hours beating levels.

Skerj3827d ago

Yeah it's ironic that such a cute looking game is simultaneously brutal as all hell and addicting eh? I guess it's like game heroin, everytime I try to play for a few mins to kill some time it turns into an hour and then I need to play some more.

Get to wave 18 and watch a spider get through while you're working on a rainbow and curse the world. Then you realize where you should have placed a tower, maybe the tree to the left of where it was before so it can cover a wider range. So you retry, place the tree there and get desirable results until you forget to properly upgrade towers in time for the waves and see your villagers drop. So then you retry again and the vicious cycle continues.

I think I've got like 10 hours on the game and I'm still on Medium 1 because I've been trying to get rainbows the whole time.

LuvBurger3827d ago

Hot damn, this game sure is good. Albeit frustrating. many Tacos were thrown at my TV while playing this, and a good taco is a terrible thing to waste

GIJeff3827d ago

is a blast! there needs to be more EASY levels though...not because i cant stand a challenge, i really enjoy a hard game, but when i play coop with my wife the harder stuff is way too hard.

coltsfreak183827d ago

I'm stuck on medium 2. I've never had such a cheap (pricewise) game that made me want to win as much as i do. PJR wasnt as good as PJM, but i didnt hate it. I've always been a tower defense man, but this is soooo much better. 9/10

rofldings3827d ago

Bought this game on Saturday when my cousin was over, we were gonna play COD4 all day ... but we ended up playing PixelJunk Monsters all day, great game ... I love the music too.

Buy it! It deserves to be in your collection

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The story is too old to be commented.