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Dragon Quest X Director Wanted To Add Free Play Periods For Long Time Fans

Yeah, Dragon Quest X is an online game with a paid subscription, but Director Jin Fujisawa didn’t want that to be a barrier for long time fans of the series. Speaking in an Iwata Asks interview, Fujisawa said he didn’t want to tell fans because Dragon Quest X was online they couldn’t play. A slogan Fujisawa kept in mind is it’s the same, everyone can play. (Dragon Quest X, Wii, Wii U)

jc48573  +   974d ago
this will affect those who don't really play online.
Godmars290  +   973d ago
This screws over long time fans who don't/can't play online you mean. Nevermind that the last one was practically an MMO on the DS, we are now seeing an official FU to certain old-time fans while an attempt is made to expand the over all user base.
aiBreeze  +   973d ago
The next Dragon Quest game is an online one major /facepalm
AWBrawler  +   973d ago
why all the hate? this game looks like it'll be good, and I've been playing these since SNES

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