HD DVD Group responds to Woolies Blu-ray only stance

Following the news that Woolworths will only stock Blu-ray discs in its retail stores in the UK, the HD DVD Promotion Group has got in touch with Pocket-lint to offer a statement on the subject, from Olivier Van Wynendaele, European assistant general manager, Consumer Products Division, Toshiba Information Systems.

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Joey Gladstone3822d ago

and this Wizard of an HDDVD executive manages to put a positive spin on it.......WOW......please children take notes....this guy can really work the BS magic..........
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

shine13963821d ago

the joey has spoken line is a little uptight and annoying,
I kind of feel sorry for the I'm talking in the third person...oh well bubbles for you...just to keep on hangin..

sak5003821d ago

"this guy can really work the BS magic"

Sounds like a sony trained person.

ravinash3821d ago

This HD-DVD guy needs to have his head examined!!!

"We have been hugely successful in expanding the number of consumers owning HD DVD players"

if this is success, I'd hate to see what his idea of failure is.

"HD DVD represented more than 60% of the overall standalone high definition market."

yeah, exactly...stand alone.

"HD DVD has always enjoyed greater software sales per player than any other HD format"

Is that why Studios and retailers are dropping you???

"HD DVD owners have already bought around 3.5 movies each, compared to less than one movie sold per Blu-ray device."

tell me who the hell buys a Blueray player and does not buy a film to play on it. if your going to lie about something, at lest make it something believable!!!

"it is extremely early to spot which format will eventually win".


sonarus3822d ago

i like how he says format is far frm over. if hddvd refuses to give up retailers will simply force them out of the market. no one in their right mind will buy an hd-dvd player now and toshiba plans to respond with price drops

Shadow Flare3822d ago

"While we're disappointed by Woolworths' decision, it is extremely early to spot which format will eventually win."

Um no it's not. In fact its incredibly easy, bluray has won

"As the figures I mention show - where consumers have a choice, they choose HD DVD."

No they don't! Bluray outsells Hd-dvd to 3:1 in america, 4:1 in europe and 9:1 in japan

"UK consumers can now pick-up an HD DVD player for less than £150, around half the cost of other HD formats."

And you know why? Because hd-dvd sucks and it has lost

GodsHand3821d ago

"Just as importantly for movie retailers, HD DVD has always enjoyed greater software sales per player than any other HD format. In fact, HD DVD owners have already bought around 3.5 movies each, compared to less than one movie sold per Blu ray device."

Why does he state "other HD format" and not just say Bluray like he did at the very end.

OMG, theres another HD formate besides HD-dvd, and Bluray.
(yes I know there is, but it's basicly a no name, that wont see the light of day.)

TruthBTold3821d ago

LOL yeah, its because he didnt want to promote the BLuRay format in anyway. Its like they even have a rule now at HDDVD that BluRay will be that name that no one should ever mentionor talk about.

ruibing3821d ago

I feel these responses from them are getting more and more generic all the time. They basically just inserted Woolworth into the same response they gave when WB made the switch.

monks3822d ago

i think it is funny how PR try to spin stuff

i personaly feel if we keep getting moves like this everyweek

National Geographic Goes Blu-Ray Exclusive
woolworths goes exclusive etc

things could be over when WB fully convert but only if we get a few new exclusives ever week

bootsielon3821d ago

"We're confident that HD DVD's affordability, fantastic choice of movies, great consumer experience and upcoming promotions will help it continue to strengthen its share of the market"

Zhuk sounds like him when talking about Xbox 360. lol

sonarus3821d ago

hd-dvd has no movies. Before it was they dnt have as many features then blu ray updated now its those features arent there from day 1 bla bla bla. Always one thing or the other with these guys. Sony has started producing smaller blu ray drives meaning lower costs so expect price drops on stand alone units and play stations 3 in the future. They can sell their hardware at a loss but they will still lose it really gets to a point where you have to cut your losses and hd-dvd passed that point a week ago. MSoft is probably paying them to keep limping on but at the end of the yr you will all see them announcing their blu ray support

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The story is too old to be commented.