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5 Best Video Game Consoles of All-Time

With a new generation of consoles, let's count down the top 5 gaming consoles of all-time. (Atari, Industry, Nintendo, Retro, Sega, Tag Invalid)

guitarded77  +   1095d ago
Not sure what to think about this article... they have Duck Hunt listed as a Super Nintendo Game, and ET listed as one of the best 2600 games. Also lists TMNT as one of the best Genesis games, I guess they mean TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist?
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PoSTedUP  +   1095d ago
n64, ps1, ps2, super nintendo, sega genisis. dreamcast is a runner up.
givemeshelter  +   1095d ago
ET as the best game? LOL
NeoTribe  +   1095d ago
Nintendo, ps1 ps2 ps3 dreamcast.
thebudgetgamer  +   1095d ago
No order just ones that I like.
Sega Master System
Super Nintendo
Neo Geo CD
Sega Genesis
DrRobotnik  +   1095d ago
MadMen  +   1095d ago
Laaaaaaaaaaame Article

Best System of all time is Playstation

URNOTRE if you know what that means then you are die hard
Qrphe  +   1094d ago
Bad article, regardless to me they're the Atari 2600, NES, SNES, PS and PS2.

Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, GC and PS3 will always have a special place of good memories.
level 360  +   1094d ago
1. Sega Genesis

2. PS2

3. XBox

4. Nintendo 64

5. PS3
_Aarix_  +   1094d ago
No console this generation deserves the title.
h311rais3r  +   1094d ago
@ aarix

Completely agree. Theres nothing that goes instant classic this gen like all the previous years.
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black911  +   1093d ago

In order

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