Far Cry 3 "won't judge players", but shows the effects of killing, says dev

You won’t find a morality system in Far Cry 3 because Ubisoft don’t want to judge you for your actions – but the game will show what effects all those killings have on its characters, according to Ubisoft’s Mark Thompson.

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Diffraction_Fos1936d ago

Hmm....A shooting game trying to teach it's players about the evils of shooting others? Isn't that counter-productive?

ab5olut10n1936d ago

I think they want to show the spiritual cost of violence so there's no Nathan Drake style disconnect between you and your actions.

matt19911936d ago

I miss the old day were games like Golden Eye would tell you how badly you sucked or how good you did.

mep691936d ago

Disagreers are obviously 12 year old kids who are too young to know what Golden Eye even is.

1nsomniac1936d ago

The more I hear about this game the more I believe it exactly the game i've been shouting for. A more mature game that adds some psychology to your straight run & gun. Could this be the start of the gaming industry growing up & eventually joining the likes of the film industry, I hope so!

Irishguy951936d ago

Didn't you see the tits?? That means gaming has grown up right?

Biozerker1936d ago

Because the film industry doesn't have any nude content whatsoever....

1nsomniac1936d ago

Everything that has been said about this game & the only thing that comes to mind is tits haha no wonder the gaming industry only caters for 10 year olds...

..Not saying I dont like tits as much as the next guy just saying your argument is weak!

h311rais3r1936d ago

Didn't realize sex was for children....

Irishguy951936d ago

I was joking. Who the **** would argue tits mean anything?

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DasTier1936d ago

"but the game will show what effects all those killings have on its characters"

I swear to god if they make it so you start Hallucinating after killing too many people in a similar way to not taking Malaria pills in 2 I will be so pissed off.

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