UGO: No More Heroes review

When the Nintendo Revolution was first announced, hard-core gamers slathered over screens of what would become Red Steel, frothing at the mouth at the thought that Nintendo was finally building a next-gen console that would bring new approaches to gaming. But somewhere in there, the Revolution changed into the Wii, and real gamers were left out in the cold. For every Metroid Prime: Corruption, there's a dozen Carnival Games, and for every quality first-party Nintendo title, there's twenty third-party PS2 ports and minigame collections. If you don't dig playing Wii Sports with Grandma, the console wasn't for you.

Review by K. Thor Jensen.

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bootsielon3680d ago

Until the specs were revealed, the name of the console was revealed, and the lack of games oriented towards mature audiences were shown. The lack of technology among other things turned nearly every hardcore gamer alive. It's amazing how Nintendo has managed to find new audiences that don't contain a sizeable portion of the hardcore gamers.

PS360WII3680d ago

what are you talking about? They've been doing it since back in the N64 era. Nothing new here.

Besides this game No More Heroes is a lot better and fun than many newer titles that have come out. Plus 17 hours for a full playthrough is nothing to scoff at