I Suck At Gaming (And That’s OK)

'Hi, I’m Caitlin, and I suck at gaming. By ‘suck’ I mean nearly every game I play that has a difficulty slider is set at ‘easy’ or ‘normal’ (at best) and I die pretty much every ten minutes on games without said difficulty sliders... But you know what? That’s just fine' writes Caitlin Blanchard.

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Lord_Sloth2003d ago

The 2 most important questions in gaming.

1. Are you having fun?
2. .......

Hicken2003d ago

1. Are you having fun?
2. Batman.

ATi_Elite2003d ago

You have a triple monitor, wheel/pedal, and driving chair set-up!

Shut up about sucking and enjoy that nice set-up.

(P.S. they have brackets to hold those monitors together better)

flappersack2003d ago

Of course it's ok. Just as long as you have fun.

kneon2003d ago

It's ok to suck at games, but it's not ok to be one of those guys that sucks at games, dies every 20 seconds in an online match and does nothing but bitch and moan and blame everything and everyone but themselves.

NeoTribe2003d ago

That's great. Thanks for sharing that valuable information.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2003d ago

I can relate. I'm not much good at this either. Based on positions I've reached on the Tetris weekly leaderboards, I'm average, bordering on decent.

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