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GodisaGeek: "Here at GodisaGeek we decided that sometimes showing can be better than telling, so we’re bringing you two videos that show off the gameplay from Sleeping Dogs, as it is a title that definitely benefits from being seen.

There are no spoilers in this first video, we’re merely showing you the combat (which is wonderfully reminiscent of the recent Rocksteady Batman games, and yes, we were surprised too) and one of the early missions in the game. "

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portal_22060d ago

Nice, looking forward to this. Loved the True Crime games.

GodisaGeek2060d ago

We've seen an alpha build pre-E3, but this actually took us by surprise, as to how good it is!

Jensen2060d ago

can't wait for this game.

tee_bag2422060d ago

Nice- I wish it has coop. These old school inspired brawlers need to be.

JellyJelly2060d ago

Second video has me sold. Day 1!

GodisaGeek2060d ago

Yeah, the flowing combat in video one is ace. But we had to show the way missions flow, hence video 2.

There's just so much more we haven't shown though. The levelling up/upgrade system is ace, there's SO much to do! :-)

Psychotica2060d ago

Can't wait for this game, looks real good. By the way, interesting web site name, did you ever consider you may be alienating readers that find that offensive?

GodisaGeek2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

We don't feel that the term "Geek" is a derogatory term, so hopefully others can see that too. Calling God a "Geek" is intended positively, not negatively.

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