Fans Don't Approve PG Friendly Crowd Chants In WWE '13

Although the latest trailer for WWE '13 showcased the many improvements the game has in its audio, some fans still don't approve what the crowd is chanting during the game.

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FutureWWEChampion1375d ago BadLanguageShowReplies(2)
OllieBoy1375d ago

The PG era has gone on long enough. It's time for the WWE to grow some damn balls again.

HmongAmerican1375d ago

WWE is not about wrestling anymore. These day every single matches is always like the previous week matches. WWE to me is becoming more like a reality tv show.

MRMagoo1231375d ago

becoming ??? lol wwe turned into a reality drama years ago lots of years ago

Red_Orange_Juice1374d ago

People still enojy wrestling?

SilentNegotiator1375d ago

I understand if they've found that their main audience is kids. There's VIRTUAL FAKE violence, and then there's foul language that kids don't need to be hearing. Context IS important and children are impressionable.

f7897901375d ago

Adults don't buy toys. Kids do. TONS of money to be made. They are just appealing to the most profitable audience.

Kind of like how nickelodeon is full of teen girl shows because girls are obsessive over things at that age. Much easier to make a crap show for them (that they'll suck up no matter what) than a quality cartoon.

HammadTheBeast1375d ago

Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender invalidate your opinion.

showtimefolks1375d ago

vince has said it time and time again that PG is here to stay. I do believe we will see attitude era again but only when its needed. And right now its not the time as we have seen with rock/cena build up and cm.punk promos that you can do some great things within PG

and ask yourself this TNA is not PG yet they can't even compete with smackdown why?

DeadlyFire1375d ago

They could compete, but TNA doesn't want to compete with Smackdown they want to compete with RAW. All they need to do is go head to head with them for 2 months.

DeadlyFire1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

WWE wants to set the bar back down so low so that any little thing they do will be exciting. They are failing. Many times Raw has hit under 3.0 rating in the past year and now a new hour and most of that is just filler. They will lose that extra hour before 2013.

TNA needs to grow some balls and compete. They hit hard on January 4th show they put head to head with WWE, but since then they have almost gone out of their way to copy WWE.

They both need attitude. TNA is trying different things. WWE doesn't try anything. They just pull another old name out of the hat and say we need him now to spike the ratings.

showtimefolks1374d ago

yeh they tried but tna couldn't compete with wwe on monady night raw or wars lol. I am fine with wwe with pg but as long as they produce edgy shows which on most nights they don't. But tna isn't the answer they have most of ex wwe or wcw stars and hogan and eric bichoff will kill tna just like they killed wcw. They are the real cancer for this industry and they are the reason tna will never be put on the same map as wwe

i give tna 2 more years before vince actually buys them out. If wwe looked at tna as a threat would they have one of their stars on wrestlemania(ric flair) and than wuld they agree to send one of their own to their PPV(christan)

i been a wrestling fan since late 80s and we while the business has changed wwe is just a different product compare to tna. And if wwwe gets their own network than you can forget about it as far as any competition is concerned

staying within the PG boundaries you can still produce edgy shows but wwe needs to do those on more consistent bases. CM punk promo was the best thing in wwe for last 4-5 years and in attitude era when there was wcw you had those on weekly bases. But times have changed i think the best days for wrestling business are behind it

DeadlyFire1374d ago

Everything gets a rebirth in due time. Attitude Era was just one era of greatness. Everything before it was awesome as well. Since 2002 not much has happened at all. Few hit and misses and a couple of great things.

WWE has fallen apart.

They had WWE championship, Intercontinental, European, Tag titles, Woman's champ and Hardcore champ on One show every week or pretty much every other week.

Now they have two shows, Raw Champ, Smackdown Champ, Rare showing of a tag title, rare showing of a woman's champ from either side(2 minute or less matches. No joke time the next Diva match after bell rings), and well that is about it and titles/champs rarely ever do anything unless its the Main show's champ.

TNA is going well. They actually held up pretty good that one show they did against WWE. As soon as WWE found out they announced Bret Hart and other things for their show. WWE knows they are competition. That one week was better than most of the whole year of WWE entertainment and TNA as well for both shows. If they could compete every week ratings would skyrocket.

WWE already has its own network. Build from the ground up by Vince. The problem with that is it will be all WWE programming. If its anything from the past 10 years it will not be successful unless some PPVs are in there. I expect WWE films and new reality shows on there at some point. The real plus to owning his own network is that when its widely adopted they could cut ties to NBC/USA or NBC/SyFy. Not only that but the rating could change to whatever he wanted it to be. Although Vince wanted PG. He won't be around forever.

Most of the WCW guys in TNA are on their last wrestling years. Just like the Undertaker. Sad to say. He only competes once a year now really it appears. So his streak is running down. There is a physical limit to wrestling for so long. Sting doesn't compete much in TNA. Hogan, and Flair don't either. Only one really signed atm other than those 3 is Angle, Chavo, Dudleys, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Anderson. None of those are really near the red line age for wrestling just yet either. Some are close to it, but still a good 5+ years left.

Hogan/Bischoff are not main controllers of TNA either way so its not running into the ground. They are only part of the crew.

TNA is on the right track to being on the same map, but they are making no real moves and that is their only problem. No real progress without battles. I am liking their new group.

claud31373d ago

Agree mate. This is why the attitude era ended

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ShadowKingx1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

i can’t believe they can’t use SUCK IT as a chant, specially when DX was a huge part of the attitude era. Why waste time on attitude era if you can’t make the attitude era. i mean geez if you have to make an option so that the parents can turn SUCK IT into S@$% If you have to . THQ does not know how much there screwing attitude era up with this PG crap. I understand they trying make all audiences buy this title. But the attitude era was made back then only for a specific audiences. Anyway I’m just saying they have many options they can do so the people who really want the attitude era ( who are true WWF fans) can get the attitude era.

i swear i can’t believe WWE has not jumped in on this a say make it attitude era or leave it the hell alone.

rocky0475861375d ago

I don't know where that lie came from but the words "Suck It" will be in as a chant. The words "Suck It" on Mike Tyson's shirt is the thing that got censored, but the words are still said in the game. That's why you can't believe everything you read on the internet ladies and gentlemen.

ShadowKingx1375d ago

Yeah i know about the mike tyson words, but the audience still chanted it and its was still part of the attitude era.

StayStatic1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Why I say good sir , give him a jolly good thrashing huhahar ...