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Xbox Live Fall Update Running IE

A fan sent in some screenshots of the new Xbox Live Dashboard preview. There’s been some minor changes to the dashboard but the biggest addition to the update is the inclusion of Internet Explorer. (Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

Glitch100  +   948d ago
Careful, although a 'fan' may of sent them in, it won't stop MS coming down on you like a ton of bricks, for what's still meant to be behind the NDA
Septic  +   948d ago
Ah theyll be fine.

One things worries me though; Xbox Live might be more susceptible to hacks/ phishing scams with internet explorer becoming a part of the 360.
Glitch100  +   947d ago
It won't as its a different architecture. Spam and new Windows can't open as it runs differently to a PC. The same way 80%ish of Viruses are developed for Windows.

Also hacks can't use it as it goes direct to internet, not xbox then internet.
Septic  +   947d ago
Oh okay. Thanks for the info :)
tordavis  +   948d ago
What NDA? ;)
SITH  +   948d ago
Non-disclosure agreement. A legal contract requiring information to be kept secret from anyone without authorization to view it.
tordavis  +   948d ago
I know what an NDA is. We didn't sign one though.
Trenta27  +   948d ago
Oh tordavis is so going down.
SITH  +   948d ago
"we did not sign one though." That is exactly what you did. Your very use of the beta and agreement to sign up for it included a non disclosure agreement. It was a requirement for participation. Not reading the disclosure or claiming ignorance of it, does not mean it does not exist.
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tordavis  +   948d ago
We are not in the beta. This was sent in by a fan of the site.
darthv72  +   948d ago
of if you were or were not in the beta. You can still be liable for the republication of images that are not supposed to be made public.

you cant hide behind the...it wasnt us its someone else that sent it to us...sort of thing. If you are in possession of material that came through a 3rd party it makes you just as guilty. That is...if MS were to really pursue action.

At this stage, we all know about IE and even those in the beta are not 'supposed' to leak anything but they do. Just a little free advise.
Tres21  +   948d ago
yea i dont think they can do much i mean thats lik one of use sending some1 info on it now the person who did it yea they might get it but not the person 4 passin along the info
Wizziokid  +   948d ago
What's Internet Explorer?
Irishguy95  +   948d ago
It's this program you use when connecting to the internet. While for a program on PC it's relatively **** compared to it's counterparts Firefox and Chrome, however it is alot better than the Wii's Opera and completely outclasses Psn's browser
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NoFanboyRequired  +   948d ago
You know, I thought IE9 was shit too, but actaully its not. Its hell of a lot faster on my laptop with the i7 and 8GBs of RAM than Chrome or Firefox. Sure, its not widely supported with everything, but that'll change. Especially when Windows 8 comes out.
r21  +   948d ago
its a browser....to download other better browsers
NukaCola  +   948d ago


+1 Funny.
munish23  +   948d ago
Are people in beta able to test out Smartglass?
IronFistChinMi  +   948d ago
No, that needs compatible games to be used and the 1st title is some XBLA game due October. Halo 4 or Forza Horizons will probably be the 1st big titles to use it.
The Meerkat  +   948d ago
I hope Colonial Marines uses it as your own personal motion scanner too.
munish23  +   947d ago
I thought people would be able to use smartglass with IE?
IronFistChinMi  +   946d ago
@munish23 IE is part of a beta. When it is released for the masses, it will be SmartGlass compatible.
chela  +   948d ago
its running smooth but no flash or silverlight its a fail. well no point for apps then, right?
wwm0nkey  +   948d ago
Apparently you haven't been keeping up with the browser world recently. Most web developers want to switch from flash to HTML5 because its easier for them and better for the users too.

Flash had a good run but its at the end.

(This IE on 360 also supports HTML5)
Dms2012  +   948d ago
He is disappointed because most streaming porn uses flash.
Tres21  +   948d ago
im pretty sad on my end also wit this news...come on who doesnt luv porn.lol
chela  +   947d ago
youporn is workin ;). anyway its about YT vids on facebook for example. plus some free streaming tv shows using silverlight
Stansolo  +   948d ago
Sorry to ask but I'm lost. What's smart glass?
Stansolo  +   947d ago
Thank you.
modesign  +   948d ago
sucks for 360 users to get strung into IE. poor fools
hennessey86  +   948d ago
Is quite good I think
mewhy32  +   948d ago
I agree that IE isn't the best browser out there but it's leagues ahead of the joke on my ps3.
12345bnm  +   948d ago
Is there any way to go back to the blades?. I don't like the layout of the current dashboard.
JellyJelly  +   948d ago
Press the 'guide' button in the middle of the controller and you get the blade menu with access to most of the settings. Kind of surprised you haven't discovered that. It's been there forever.

Navigating the marketplace was pretty messy at first, but now after a couple of design updates it works really smooth.
12345bnm  +   948d ago
I was talking about this...

Related image(s)
IHateYouFanboys  +   948d ago
Lol that's not the blades.

The "blades" was the original dashboard, as seen in the first few screens here: http://gamersxtreme.org/201...

What you posted is the NXE.

For your question, the answer is no maven if you could, you couldn't connect to Xbox live as you have to have the latest firmware to connect.
kingPoS  +   948d ago
I'm glad xbox is getting a browser as well. It's come to point that some devs won't even develop on your platform if it can't access a web browser

After all, competition can be a great motivator.(parity at last)

Edit: I hope they let you use a qwerty pattern, typing with a pattern like abcd just feels somehow...wrong.
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DougNJ  +   948d ago
They already have a qwerty virtual keyboard. Go into setting and change language to 'English (qwerty)'
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metro style? no flash then.. IE is one of the worst browsers known to man..
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_Aarix_  +   948d ago
Dude, this isnt a console, jts an application aka an optimized browser for xbox. This is not the same internet explorer that everyone hates on the computer
xbox version

dude it look just like windows 8 IE10.. I am on windows 8.

Optimized for console? That doesn't make a good broweser..
lol are they gonna squeeze out all the performance?
If they can't optimize ie for windows then don't get your hopes up for xbox.

also using a controller to browse? lol

tell them to make some games.
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ALLWRONG  +   947d ago
GearSkiN  +   948d ago
Extra features for a person to use, if you don't like it you don't have to, why hate.
bahabeast  +   948d ago
I.E cnt touch chrome or safari but once this thing has flash and can download from it direct to box it destroys ps3 browser, just by the looks already.

i hope people ant need xbox live gold for this
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Skate-AK  +   948d ago
I'm sure you will need gold. Just another selling point.
ISNeko  +   948d ago
I don't understand all the hate. IE works fine. It used to be a security issue ridden pile, but it runs as fast as my other browser choices in most cases.

I have a feeling people are hating IE because they think it's the popular cool thing to do.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   948d ago
Late, but I can't wait to do some surfin on it go to Joystiq, gametrailers, and N4g on it.

Also, apparently MS is finished with changing the dash around, so, no more UI changes, this is it. Which is ok with me because I heard this updated dash is the fastest and smoothest one yet, along with a super slick browser, can't wait.
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SpecialK  +   948d ago
Thats pretty cool.

I prefer google chrome but IE is probably my second favorite browser.

Was wondering why this wasnt done ages ago when even TV's are able to browse the net.

Nice to know they did it right though. Tried the browser on my PS3 once, never again...
mayberry  +   947d ago
If you are "wondering why" it wasn't done sooner, lust look at what MS is not supporting in the browser. they don't want you to go to buttermouth.com and see all the 'free' movies you want on the streaming sites. I watch a ton of free movies on my ps3's browser, but I also buy alot too. Its nice to have the option, bu MS doesn't want us to have ANYTHING free! Oh well....
SpecialK  +   946d ago
Oh yeah I think I have heard that before actually.

probably the best reason why theyve not done it yet which then makes you wonder why add it in now?

Guess its become to much of a standard feature in tech to not have included.
Dms2012  +   948d ago
Using it now and its great.
AO1JMM  +   948d ago
Apparently they are taking more sign ups for the beta because I just signed up by using a link posted on NeoGaf.
Morgue  +   948d ago
Wonder if you have to have XboxLive Gold to use IE when it's released. That would be pretty damn funny.

Pay $60 a year to play online, use the Internet and paying a bill to your service provider each month on top of paying your phone company for Internet usage.

All MS needs to do now is start their own phone company and they'd have us hook, line and sinker.

Silver packages starting at $149.99 a month. ( see restrictions ) Includes free membership and phone.

Gold package starting at $189.99 a month. Includes
Everything you don't get with silver. Play online with friends, Internet, family plan for texting, a head set and unlimited trolling.

Act now and will send you this RRoD night light, worth 800 MS Points!!!

Order now!!!!!
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ALLWRONG  +   947d ago
5 bubbles?
Morgue  +   947d ago
What users on N4G actually forget when reading my posts is the fact that if you click on my profile, I do own a 360 and almost all my posts are sarcastic and some are just my opinion.

I am also just as frustrated as some 360 owners are with lack of quality games and I can only play Halo and Gears so much and I'm sick of paying to use services that I am already paying for.

I'm tired of the " well it's only $60 a year comment " The fact is that's $60 I could use to buy a game, food, pay a bill. I stead I'm paying too play online and the " exclusive, cross game/ingame chat "
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mayberry  +   947d ago
I hope the new dashboard has "predictive text" in its os! everytime I enter anything on my 360 I have to re-enter the same keys at a later time. The ps3 has it, and you can also enter in your own words into the ditctionary. would be nice if the 360 had the same.
Morgue  +   947d ago
Maybe it's changed because I haven't turned my on for few months but, It would also be nice if the 360's keyboard was actually set up like a keyboard.
mayberry  +   947d ago
Right! Set up like a keyboard and predictive text is a must have for a console browser! PS got that right. my 360's lack of predictive text has been annoying, but is MANDATORY for their web browser!

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