Xbox Live Fall Update Running IE

A fan sent in some screenshots of the new Xbox Live Dashboard preview. There’s been some minor changes to the dashboard but the biggest addition to the update is the inclusion of Internet Explorer.

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Glitch1002126d ago

Careful, although a 'fan' may of sent them in, it won't stop MS coming down on you like a ton of bricks, for what's still meant to be behind the NDA

Septic2126d ago

Ah theyll be fine.

One things worries me though; Xbox Live might be more susceptible to hacks/ phishing scams with internet explorer becoming a part of the 360.

Glitch1002125d ago

It won't as its a different architecture. Spam and new Windows can't open as it runs differently to a PC. The same way 80%ish of Viruses are developed for Windows.

Also hacks can't use it as it goes direct to internet, not xbox then internet.

Septic2125d ago

Oh okay. Thanks for the info :)

SITH2126d ago

Non-disclosure agreement. A legal contract requiring information to be kept secret from anyone without authorization to view it.

tordavis2126d ago

I know what an NDA is. We didn't sign one though.

Trenta272126d ago

Oh tordavis is so going down.

SITH2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

"we did not sign one though." That is exactly what you did. Your very use of the beta and agreement to sign up for it included a non disclosure agreement. It was a requirement for participation. Not reading the disclosure or claiming ignorance of it, does not mean it does not exist.

tordavis2126d ago

We are not in the beta. This was sent in by a fan of the site.

darthv722126d ago

of if you were or were not in the beta. You can still be liable for the republication of images that are not supposed to be made public.

you cant hide behind wasnt us its someone else that sent it to us...sort of thing. If you are in possession of material that came through a 3rd party it makes you just as guilty. That is...if MS were to really pursue action.

At this stage, we all know about IE and even those in the beta are not 'supposed' to leak anything but they do. Just a little free advise.

Tres212126d ago

yea i dont think they can do much i mean thats lik one of use sending some1 info on it now the person who did it yea they might get it but not the person 4 passin along the info

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Wizziokid2126d ago

What's Internet Explorer?

Irishguy952126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

It's this program you use when connecting to the internet. While for a program on PC it's relatively **** compared to it's counterparts Firefox and Chrome, however it is alot better than the Wii's Opera and completely outclasses Psn's browser

NoFanboyRequired2126d ago

You know, I thought IE9 was shit too, but actaully its not. Its hell of a lot faster on my laptop with the i7 and 8GBs of RAM than Chrome or Firefox. Sure, its not widely supported with everything, but that'll change. Especially when Windows 8 comes out.

r212126d ago

its a download other better browsers

m232126d ago

Are people in beta able to test out Smartglass?

IronFistChinMi2126d ago

No, that needs compatible games to be used and the 1st title is some XBLA game due October. Halo 4 or Forza Horizons will probably be the 1st big titles to use it.

The Meerkat2126d ago

I hope Colonial Marines uses it as your own personal motion scanner too.

m232125d ago

I thought people would be able to use smartglass with IE?

IronFistChinMi2124d ago

@munish23 IE is part of a beta. When it is released for the masses, it will be SmartGlass compatible.

chela2126d ago

its running smooth but no flash or silverlight its a fail. well no point for apps then, right?

wwm0nkey2126d ago

Apparently you haven't been keeping up with the browser world recently. Most web developers want to switch from flash to HTML5 because its easier for them and better for the users too.

Flash had a good run but its at the end.

(This IE on 360 also supports HTML5)

Dms20122126d ago

He is disappointed because most streaming porn uses flash.

Tres212126d ago

im pretty sad on my end also wit this news...come on who doesnt luv

chela2125d ago

youporn is workin ;). anyway its about YT vids on facebook for example. plus some free streaming tv shows using silverlight

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