News4Gamers Radio 01/28/2008

The crew round out the month of January with special returning guest Professor Chaos as well as tons of new games to talk about including No More Heroes, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Devil May Cry 4 and Kingdom Under Fire. They also get back to answering questions from the listeners.

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HeartlesskizZ3767d ago

Great episode and who was that that sounded just like Snake? when you were talking about the PS3 coming up games...who ever was that, nice imitation =D

anyways great podcast and keep them the way where to I submit question I want to ask you guys(podcast)?

The Wombat3767d ago

Thanks a lot! You can ask us questions in the official "Ask a Question" thread on the forums in the podcast section. Or you can PM any of the podcast crew.

HeartlesskizZ3767d ago

I know you and ZT are in the podcast but I do not know the rest of the crew.... is there a list somewhere I have miss?

The Wombat3767d ago

Me, Zero, and Gambus Khan are the regular cast that's here just about every week. Professor Chaos was a guest this week, he has a profile here. Brian "Boogeyman" Peterson was a guest last week, but he doesn't have an N4G profile that I know of. You can check him out at Killer Wolverine is another on again, off again cast member, but he also doesn't have a profile that I know of. If you have specific questions for them, any one of us can pass them along.

HeartlesskizZ3767d ago

Nice..thanks for the list and I PM ZT something I would love him to put in the next upcoming Episode of N4G podcast...hope he likes it =D

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zerofunction3763d ago

Great podcast guys. You gentlemen always come up with something new every week. Great job once again.

ReconHope3762d ago

great podcast. thanks for answering our questions.