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Activision on possible Guitar Hero return

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg comments on what it would take to bring back Guitar Hero. (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Hal0_0_EmElG  +   779d ago
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BiggCMan  +   779d ago
"Guitar Hero used to be a yearly thing for Activision"

Umm, no. At first it was, but after Guitar Hero 3 (which is by far my favorite), they started doing 2 a year. And then come 2009 or so, and early 2010, they had between 3 and 5 in a single year. That's what killed the franchise. I would love to see the series come back, but it needs to be toned down a SHIT load. One a year is fine, but I would prefer to see 1 every 2 years, and with each game, just release songs as cheap DLC like Rock Band does. That's why Rock Band doesn't have nearly as many games as Guitar Hero, they kept releasing songs for one game, and it's still successful today as Rock Band Network. That's the correct way to go about it. Sport game developers should take note of this, and just update rosters every year for like 10 dollar DLC, but of course they will never do that.
Ser  +   779d ago
Good post. Fully agreed.
WeskerChildReborned  +   779d ago
Yep then they moved onto milking COD.
Soldierone  +   779d ago
They won't, ESPECIALLY sports games....why? When they literally sell millions EVERY time and they put absolutely no effort into it at all.

Things used to work this way. A game comes out, then an EXPANSION PACK comes out to add to it, and a new game won't come out until there was substantial improvement or content to require it. Now we just get yearly releases. Battlefield, medal of honor, COD, etc......it sucks.

Asking Activision to NOT milk something....you might as well ask them to hand you money, you will get the same answer.....them laughing at us.
ChunkyLover53  +   779d ago
Why would companies lose out on selling a full $60 game every year when people want the whole game? I'm not huge into sports games, but they do change from year to year and lets say Madden 12, was totally different when compared to Madden 06 which launched with the Xbox 360.

Call Of Duty changes as well, the Treyarch offerings are so much different from the IW/Sledgehammer offering.

Some people prefer one to the other, some skip either one or the others offering. I know some people who skip the Treyarch games every other year.

As for Guitar Hero, I like the series, but it was never as popular as COD or some of these yearly sports games.
BiggCMan  +   779d ago
"but it was never as popular as COD or some of these yearly sports games"

Are you kidding? Guitar Hero is one of the highest grossing series out there, do you have any idea how many MILLIONS of copies were sold for each game? They surpassed Call of Duty at one point, I remember reading a long time ago. Sure it obviously died down after a while, but during it's prime, even Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops could top the lifetime sales of Guitar Hero. I don't think you realize how big that series was before they destroyed it with 3 or 4 releases a year.
ChunkyLover53  +   779d ago
The total sales for Guitar Hero, that is every version is sitting at 56.79 million copies sold. The very best version of Guitar Hero, which was Guitar Hero 2, sold just over 5 million copies over 6 platforms. That is the highest selling GH game.

When you consider that Black Ops sold around 30 million by itself, and each new COD breaks the previous record, you tend to understand why COD and Guitar Hero were two very different animals.
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BiggCMan  +   779d ago
No, Guitar Hero 3 is the highest selling of the series, and it sold over 15 million copies, made close to a billion dollars.


Call of Duty is a bigger seller, but Guitar Hero by no means, sold little in comparison. They are both juggernauts in sales. I would say the reason Call of Duty is not stopping is because it's easier to play, and has more of that instant gratification that this generation loves so much. Guitar Hero was more of a niche title but somehow reached out to the masses. But only a small few really knew how to play it perfectly on the hardest difficulties.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   778d ago

So much for facts... lol
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0pie  +   779d ago
they killed the genre giving the people a poor product and now they are talking about maybe doing it again?!?!?!
WeskerChildReborned  +   779d ago
Wow that would kinda be a shocker if they return.
Tw1st3d Fate  +   779d ago
Rock Band is perfect, Guitar Hero is shit in comparison.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   779d ago
if they bring it back it better be compatible with all the dlc they sold me before...
Don't forget to finish the exports Activision.. -______- When the song exports are finished then we'll talk. I'll stick with Rock band till then.
r21  +   779d ago
well if they are bringing guitar hero back, they better have the option to use our regular old controllers. i am not gonna buy a peripheral i will barely use for other games.

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