WorthPlaying Reviews Burnout Paradise - 9.2

WorthPlaying writes:

"Burnout Paradise scores highly from my perspective. You can expect a studio and publisher to keep up with a winning formula for a while, even a long while, but you can't expect them to rest on their laurels until they're set up for a "Seinfeld" finale-episode debacle. The big purchasing question: Will you become clinically depressed by the absence of proper crash events in this all-new, rather sizzling Burnout title? If you're not sure, by all means play the available demo, because that's it, that's the game; there's a lot more depth in the retail release, but there are no surprises held back in the demo, either."

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Joey Gladstone3828d ago

and the seamless transition to online play and menu options with the D-pad is pure genius...........oh and my favorite would be the USB camera snapshot when you wreck another online player.......its Hilarious......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"