SMASH 2012 Interview with Chun-li's voice actress Yuko Miyamura

CC writes: I got a chance to sit down with Yuko Miyamura a seiyuu, or voice actress, who you’ve probably heard at one point or another whether it’s her role as Chun Li in Street Fighter (Zero, Zero 2, II X, EX, Zero 3, and EX3), Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion, or the training video girl Battle Royale. As well as having a bevy of voice and screen acting titles to her name she also has singing credits, clearly she’s very talented vocally, but her career already speaks volumes about that.

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Fishermenofwar2150d ago

Spinning siiiidee keeeeeeek

DanSolo2150d ago

Spinning Bird Kick dude, Spinning Bird Kick!!!


Fishermenofwar2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )


Are you sure thats what she says...

The interwebs says both...

DanSolo2150d ago

lol I'm 100% sure that it is Spinning Bird Kick... it was called that in the manual for the game when I got it back in the day.... for both the Sega Megadrive version, and the Amiga 500 version!

That was the original version for Amiga, and Hyper Fighting for Megadrive.....

So Spinning Bird Kick allllll the way mate!!!