Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - PALGN Preview

When Lost Planet was released on the Xbox 360 last year PALGN loved it. When it was released on the PC six months later PALGN thought it was ok. Another six months later and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is only a few months away from release on the PlayStation 3. PALGN has been lucky enough to get their hands on a preview copy of the game, so how is it shaping up?

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Joey Gladstone3821d ago

LOL has gone over to the Darkside with fanboy comments like those........trying to put in their (Microsoft bribed) 2 cents lol....
."The JOEY has Spoken"

DEADEND3821d ago

Hey Joey I'm no 360 fanboy(I sold my 360 to get a 60 PS3) but the way I see it is that they are right about the game not looking as good as the 360 version. I still have it for the 360 and I remember how great the graphics looked and I have to tell you the PS3 version does look half assed, it's like they didn't even try to do a good job in porting the game.

mikeslemonade3821d ago

The game itself is something that we all should experience with a rental, but in the grand scheme of things Lost Planet is multiplatform and so will Dead Rising be multiplatform. PS3 owners aren't going to missing any of these games.

Iron Man 23821d ago

Hmmm...I still might get this game for my PS3 if it's only $39 and it comes with all the DLC Xbox owners had to pay for;)

Gaara_7243821d ago

i bet they paid more for the dc than we paid for the dc and game lol

BLUR1113821d ago

i dont mind spending a few bucks towards games cuz im a gamer

THAMMER13821d ago

@ you bitter @ss fan boys. Just take things for what they are. I still think you should give the game a chance. Being fan boys only makes you miss out.

STOP WITH the CONSPIRACY [email protected]$#!T. From what I have seen from the PS3 this will not be the last game that ends up like this. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

I'm SORRY the 360 is not the PS3.
I'm so sorry your nose is as far you can see,

bootsielon3821d ago

Still, there's no excuse for Crapcom to do crap ports. If they can't get it right, I won't get it until it's in the used game bargain bins.

Jeebs3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Don't care what you punks have to say about which looks better.
I've read the reviews, know that it's not a SUPER game, but it wets my palette, so I'll be picking it up since I never got to play it originally on the 360. And if the game is going to have a reduced price, as opposed to a new price of $59 or $69, that gives me more an incentive to pick it up.

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