Are Gamers Contributing to the Destruction of Gaming?

Charlie writes:

"If you go and look back over this generation of gaming, you’ll realise that being a gamer is not only tough, but also destructive. If you look at fan backlash throughout these past 5 years, you’ll realise that some gamers can say some rather painful things, even if they are true a lot of the time.

Let’s start out with something rather simple. Throughout these past few years, gamers have come up with new terms for words we never thought could mean something else, and one of those words is “troll”."

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AO1JMM1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Sorry, I meant HELL NO!

I blame it on bad journalism and corporate greed.

_Aarix_1400d ago

Yes, gamers are ruining games. They speak with their wallets and it says, cod, cod, cod. It leaves a bitter taste how everything has some form of cod. Gamers are sheep, if they dont like something its blown out of proportion. Dont get me started on entitled fanboys. Bragging about a console is embarassing since its a low powered pc (yes both xbox and ps3). Last generation was where it was at. Idiots didnt have much of a voice and all 3 consoles have their certain appeal and games of all kinds. If you had a gamecube nobody would jump your case saying to get a ps2 or an xbox. It was great. Now everybody is an a** with people like tentonsoftube ruining the dignity of other gamers. Now gaming has become truly "mainstream" and is being ruined.

xursz1400d ago

I do think trolls have a negative effect on the industry. They make gamers seem like idiots and not many people in the 'real world' want to associate themselves with that kind of group. You go on a Youtube video from IGN and what do you see more than 90% of the time? "PLAYSTATION IS GAY!!!" .... "F*CK YOU XBOX IS FOR F**GOTS" Nintendo fanboys aren't innocent either. There's a kid Snipedown94 (3DS fanboy) who is on EVERY Playstation video talking trash.

It's the sad truth. This is what 'gaming' has come to.

AnarchistAbe1400d ago

@_Aarix_ Yes, because CoD is REALLY the problem. As someone who actually LIKES CoD, the games ARE fun. You might not think so, but that's ok. The point is, maybe CoD is mainstream BECAUSE it's a good game.

BitbyDeath1400d ago

Probably more so the journalists who continue to write negative stories.

Gaming1011400d ago

Really? Complaining about gamers yelling at each other like children? Please, that's what most gamers are - children, or just man-children alike, so don't be surprised when you see the constant bickering both on the internet and over voice chat when people can sit back anonymously with no recourse and try to bully and intimidate other people to make their tiny selves feel big.

Don't be surprised by the constant, futile, childish internet bickering, it has always happened and as long as people are underdeveloped in their thinking (which will be always) it will continue to happen, so leave it alone. You can't talk maturity into people, and although logic can be learned, not everyone is smart enough to utilize it effectively.

Nalrogi1400d ago

Gamers didn't invent the term "troll". A simple Google search will tell you that modern usage of the word itself dates from 1980s. Other than that, pretty much everything in the article has been said countless times.

Kran1400d ago

It only really came back into light in the term it's meant in this generation of consoles.

Trolls tend to be mostly gamers any how.

vortis1399d ago

Yeah because there is no such thing as political trolls. >_>

urwifeminder1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Yes with all the crying well that and ea origin lol.

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