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Info Coming "Soon” on PC and PS3 Versions of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard

Many gamers that purchased The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC and PS3 have been rather irritated by the drought of news on the release of the Dawnguard expansion for their platform of choice, that was expected 30 days after the Xbox 360 release. Luckily, the drought could end "soon". (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

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MiamiACR21  +   1099d ago
Soon. Looks like we've got a couple more weeks ahead of us with little to no info.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1099d ago
And i thought it was suppose to be only 30 day difference -.-
Skate-AK  +   1098d ago
30 days before they start thinking about the PS3/PC version....
xwabbit  +   1098d ago
Guild Wars 2 FTW
Ser  +   1098d ago
Yup. I'll be playing that "soon" instead of worrying about this DLC, honestly. Only 26 days away.

On topic: Sorry, Bethesda. You had a chance to grab my cash earlier this month. That ship has sailed, though.
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Blastoise  +   1099d ago
Meh, they can keep it...
MAJ0R  +   1099d ago
Yeah, honestly it doesn't even look that good... or at least not nearly as exciting as the Shivering Isles DLC was for Oblivion, or even as good as the Fallout 3 DLC's.
morganfell  +   1099d ago
Sorry Bethe$da, you had your chance. You pimped the PC version into the ground before launch only to dump that fanbase overboard.

As someone that purchased the PC and PS3 versions I actually do not have a huge issue with it. Why? I get it, it's a business decision. Well so is my not caring about Dawnguard. Sorry but you do not get to have it both ways. After the Fallout debacle and now this your second chances are done. You blew the one you had.

August marks the beginning of a mad fall for gaming. Too little, too late. Sleeping Dogs says take a hike.
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synchroscheme  +   1099d ago
You go girl!

Seriously, that's what happens when you neglect your other platforms. Selling out to only one is shooting yourself in the foot. Not only are you losing consumer goodwill, but people are likely to simply move on or stop supporting you entirely. And what is gained from releasing early on 360? Does the DLC somehow play better? No. So long as they actually get it on time, they don't think twice of it.

You can't expect to shamelessly market the 360 version with early access and then go to the PC/PS3 customers saying "Oh no, wait! You're important too!"
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ApolloTheBoss  +   1099d ago
Honestly if you want play this just wait until the GOTY edition. This DLC felt half-assed to me. It wasn't as expansive as Shivering Isles like it should have been. I'm just gonna sell my disc and take a LONG break from Skyrim until GOTY.
LastDance  +   1099d ago
Gamer hot tip!

Buy game at launch, finish it, sell it while it still has value and wait for GOTY edition.
Irishguy95  +   1099d ago
Bethesda is one of the biggest ***hole devs in the industry, openly lying about Oblivion, holding Obsidian up to impossible standards and sacking 30 people for it, suing people for using the word 'Scrolls'. And lying about Dawnguards release date/
ddurand1  +   1099d ago
im weary ab purchasing dishonored for ps3 because of all of the skyrim shit taht happened with the ps3 version.
blackhammer  +   1098d ago
Be weary of buying Dishonored for more than that. Look at the DLC shenanigans that are happening across the market.
user5467007  +   1099d ago
As I was saying on another article which failed to get approved

Even though they said the DLC would come one month after the Xbox release giving off the impression that they already did announce it for the PC/PS3.

June 26th - ONE MONTH LATER - July 26th

Date Today - 29th July

Oh would you look at that your 3 days overdue.

I'm surprized more people are not complaining about this, Bethesda having their head so far up Microsfots arse is ridiculous. This is going to happen to every Bethesda game you know it's already happened to past Bethesda games starting with Oblivion so Skyrim isn't the end of it.

I know I got the 360 version and I shouldn't be bothered about this but I still find it unfair on PS3/PC players.
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fossilfern  +   1099d ago
I find any kind of timed DLC annoying but considering Elder Scrolls started on PC and its where it is today because of PC you would think they would have a little more respect. The Mods is what saved Skyrim, the game looked bland even on high settings before I started putting the the ENBs and high res texture packs amongst other things.
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xPhearR3dx  +   1098d ago
This is the problem. People twist their words. Bethesda NEVER said the content would come out exactly 30 days after it releases on 360. They said the content is exclusive to 360 for AT LEAST, key words here, AT LEAST, 30 days. That doesn't mean on day 31 or 30, the content drops.

Here's the PR: http://www.joystiq.com/2011...
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rhap  +   1099d ago
Gonna avoid Bethesda from now on. They don't deserve our attention.
Son_Lee  +   1099d ago
I really don't know what they have against PS3. Can't believe PC is being thrown under the bus by them, too. Honestly they can keep Dawnguard. Call me when they do something that deserves the term "expansive."
GTRrocker666  +   1099d ago
This game is already a 200 hr game. Not going to need that dlc for a long time... if Im not sick of the game by the the I finish it.
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typeN8  +   1099d ago
I cant believe it didnt drop on pc first

And skyrim got such great reviews but dawngaurd hasnt gotten the same reaction
Umm i might pass when this finaly drops on ps3
ChunkyLover53  +   1099d ago
I sense a lot of anger in this thread. For people that supposedly don't care, you all seem to care very much.

For what its worth, the expansion is pretty damn good. If you play through both sides of it, you'll spend around 20-22 hours in it.
Mythicninja  +   1099d ago
I don't understand the business strategy here. do they really think I'm going to buy another copy of the game just so I can have a few expansions a month or 2 earlier?
Treian  +   1099d ago
Bethseda is a fail developer. I heard so much great things about their games. I got Skyrim and it was nothing special and full of bugs. Now they do this for the people who like the game? I have no respect for them.
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sriki007  +   1099d ago
the game was great, almost every site gave it game of the year. But their marketing decision is terrible, or maybe some guy in microsoft is working undercover for bethesda of late... Cuz till 2012 beginning they put out great games and didn't piss people off.
sriki007  +   1099d ago
i would have bought this if it was released on all platforms at the same time due to all the hype,
Now that i.ve seen the contents and the review of the dlc, i am not willing to pay for a vampire skin and a few quests. So bethesda might have got microsoft money, but they lost atleast half of the ps3 and pc player money.
dorron  +   1099d ago
Oh, Microsoft still playing the timed exclusive card? Didn't they learn it doesn't pay off?
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samson-1  +   1099d ago
Really? I think it has paid off otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it.
Treian  +   1099d ago
Let's be real. Most people aren't going out to buy a new console for some DLC....
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StreetsofRage  +   1098d ago
Well what about gamers like myself who own both consoles? DLC does pay off since I bought the 360 version. Just like I bought Street Fighter vs. Tekken on the ps3 for the extra's. Same with Mortal Kombat. Exclusive deals does work.
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th3_d3an  +   1099d ago
too late sold my skyrim two weeks ago remember bethesda ps3 gamers spend as much on the game maybe more depending which one you bought we shouldnt have to wait take you lips off microsofts arse already!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1099d ago
Ok seriously this makes me wonder. It was suppose to be a month that the DLC was suppose to get distributed to PSN an PC that's how its always been with most of Bethesda games this gen, fine, I get it.

But why did they delay it further? Did MS pay them handsomely than ever? Maybe, MS did keep the GTAIV DLC for themselves for an entire year. But GTAIV was single handily the the biggest title of 08 (along with Metal Gear)So that make sense.

Skyrims a big title but MS usual secures a month of exclusivity, after that MS doesn't care where it goes from there just like COD.

Bug squashing? Highly doubt it. Pass DLC that released on PC and PS3 was still a buggy mess with several patching.

I really hope they come out with a statement soon explaining themselves (I doubt it) But PS3 fans shouldn't feel "ripped off" you still payed for a full and complete ( buggy) experience.
modesign  +   1099d ago
to little to late bethesda
Awesome-Xanto  +   1099d ago
I understand why some people are a little mad about this, but it's business... there trying to make money, the same anyone else would want to do if they were in there shoes.

As far as Dawnguard is actually pretty good, and adds a good amount of new features that are worth getting the DLC alone for if you play on PS3 (PC could just use mods). It's buggy, I won't deny that... but nothing really "game breaking".
Flatbattery  +   1099d ago
Mixed reviews, PC and PS3 being given the finger. Think I'll pass, besides I've put in about 400 hours over 2 playthroughs, I think I'm done.
Treian  +   1098d ago
your picture is from that awful movie the watch...Oo
Flatbattery  +   1098d ago
Incorrect mon frere, it's from The IT Crowd, same actor though.
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Skate-AK  +   1098d ago
I bet they worked on the next DLC during those 30 days. Now that it's over they will spend a couple weeks rushing to squash bugs. That will lead to a rushed Dawnguard release for PS3 and it will be broken like when the game first came out.
Dead_by_Dawn  +   1098d ago
Fuck bethesda. They release a broken ass game on all platforms, mainly the ps3 version, then they sign a deal with MS. All the while bethesda just keeps bending over, so companies like Ms can ram fists full of dollars up they're ass, inserted one by one. I mean its bogus how bethesda are treating pc/ps3 players like second rate customers, when we all payed the same. Yeah, maybe it was a business decision, understandable to an extent. But when you are promised something and its not delivered in the time frame they said, then yeah you would be pissed. Take a look at xbox, they got patch 1.16 before anybody else also, then pc and still no word for ps3. Now keep in mind that this patch was released early june and now we're heading into august. Its downright favoritism when you think about it. Now dawnguard wont be released for pc/ps3 till who knows when. Another month maybe? Either way once again, fuck yourself bethesda, never again will I ever buy another of your broken piece of shit games.
Scenarist  +   1098d ago
dont they loose money by doing this... I mean this isnt a GTA addon pack.... so while we get to see the content on 360 via youtube etc... its not exciting by the time we get it.. so we pirate it instead of buying it day 1
RickHiggity  +   1098d ago
So many mods on the PC. I'll be fine with or without it
Raoh  +   1098d ago
I'll wait for a steam xmas sale or next years steam summer sale.

This timed exclusivity is nonsense.
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2v1  +   1098d ago
hehehe i learned whit fallout newvegas
StreetsofRage  +   1098d ago
I see many stubborn one sided gamers here. This is one of the best games ever made and you are ignoring this awesome DLC because Microsoft had it first? What a bunch of stubborn fanboys.
Raoh  +   1098d ago
The game is good. I'm not buying it primarily because not only do I have a lot of other games to play and buying games and dlc when they come out is now really dumb when you can wait for a sale, price drop or game of the year edition.

But with mods on the pc etc, the original game without dlc I'm still not done with.

On top of that timed dlc is dumb, instead of stubborn stop being so willing to spend your money.
Lilioups  +   1098d ago
treat your customer like sh1T then you ask why all the piracy

fck you bugthesda kickass torrent will be my friend for your expansion.

you treat me sh!t with your deals,i treat you sh!t with piracy

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