EA Is Trying To Bring NBA Live Back. Will it Compare to NBA 2k13?

EA is attempting to bring back it's dead line of games NBA Live back, but will it even sell against the behemoth that is NBA 2k?

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rob852031d ago

I've got enough with monopoly of NFL licensing.please don't bring up this shite

ATi_Elite2030d ago

EA sports sucks!

The Show and 2K is where the real competition is at.

Hopefully 2K wins the lawsuit and brings back 2K football!

BLow2031d ago

Probably have to wait until both come out to compare them. Just a thought.....

olLANDSHARKlo2031d ago ShowReplies(3)
shammgod2030d ago

Agreed. EA has ruined NCAA football and basketball games and I f'in hate madden. 2K and the show are the only sports game I play anymore

titans99992028d ago

Shammgod, tell me about it....although the NCAA football games are ok, I just wish they would do something with presentation, like casters in the booth that predict the outcome, like on the ps2, and then a half time show - like ESPN when they had it on nfl 2k games. Thank GOD for MLB The Show and NBA 2K, I love it!!!! It is what all sports games should go by!!!

Funky Town_TX2031d ago

I'm still upset that EA has exclusive rights to NCAA bb games.

Sgt_Slaughter2030d ago

Basketball or Baseball? Both are better off with 2K anyway.

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