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The Video Game Version of The Dark Knight Rises’ Prison Scene Is, Um, Different

SPOILERS -- The video shown in this article spoils a part of the movie.

Ah, the poetry and metaphor of the prison sequence in The Dark Knight Rises! How would one ever turn that into an awesome video game level?

The answer: by adding lots of dudes for Bruce Wayne to punch. (Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, PS3, The Dark Knight Rises, Xbox 360)

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poopsack  +   1215d ago
This guy's acting like 90% of movie-games dont do this already. Except he says so in the damn video so whats the big deal? Its a shitty tie-in, go on with your life.
mafiahajeri  +   1215d ago
Lol yeah and that's not that problem Its a iPad game -_-"
typikal82  +   1215d ago
It threw me off also when I was playing through that level.
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darkangel11  +   1215d ago
BattleTorn you are a complete idiot because of course he got defeated at first by Bane because of how tough Bane is,and if you seen the end you would know that he defeated him.How is Batman getting too old when he is not even middle age yet? How do you even know if Levitt became Robin when he could have became anything after the way it left off? You failed on everything you said
DFogz  +   1214d ago
I just read BattleTorn's comment and agree with him 100%. You sir, are the idiot.
Of course Batman was beaten by Bane at first, every villian wins the first time in every movie ever. Otherwise the hero can't rise up and save the day. But he didn't have to have his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Batman hardly put up a fight, surprising for someone who is a master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant.

"and if you seen the end you would know that he defeated him." Actually, Batman got beat up again. *Spoilers* Catwoman blew up Bane with a rocket. She saved the day.

"How is Batman getting too old when he is not even middle age yet?"
Hate to break it to you, but he is middle-aged. In the first movie, Bruce Wayne (and the actor that played him) is about 30 years old. Then he joins the League of Shadows and disappears for 7 years to train. Comes back to Gotham (for who knows how long) then at the end of Dark Knight disappears for another 8 years. So we can assume, at the very least Batman is 45 years old. Add into that the extensive physical damage mentioned by his doctor at the beginning of DK:R and yeah, I'd say Bruce Wayne is getting too old to be Batman for much longer.

"How do you even know if Levitt became Robin when he could have became anything after the way it left off? "
You don't 'know' but that's the point of a cliffhanger ending. But if you take what Nolan said, about how he made Levitt's character a mash-up of all the previous Robins, and the fact he named Levitt's character Robin, plus that he knows who Batman really is, the audience is meant to assume that Batman can't continue and that Robin will begin his training to take up the reigns. This is further supported when Levitt tracks Catwoman to the Batcave in attempts of finding Batman...he's being drawn into Batman's world and his unique brand of justice. He may become Robin, but what's more likely is that he'll become Nightwing.

You failed on everything you said.
darkangel11  +   1214d ago
Of course you agree with everything he says because you are a total idiot just like him.Batman did put up a good fight throughout the first fight with Bane and even got Bane on the floor and got several punches on him.Get your math right because when Wayne got back to Gotham it shows in the background in his mansion where he is 30 on his birthday in Batman Begins,then no more then a year went by before the events of The Dark Knight,then 8 years went by before the events of The Dark Knight Rises so he would be 39 by which that is not even middle age yet.Even when I was 8 I think that I was better at my math then you idiot.
RedDeadLB  +   1215d ago
All you people are tarnishing this excellent movie. I watched the movie 2 nights ago, my heart was pounding the whole time and when the movie was over EVERYONE were walking out with big smiles on their faces, myself included. Bane is an excellent character here, his voice, his stature, his psyche, EVERYTHING. It's the best movie of the three by far. The Dark Knight may have been more complex, but this movie had emotions. And boy, did we all feel them rushing through.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1215d ago
The Dark Knight was my favorite out of the three.
RedHotChiliPepaSpray  +   1214d ago
TDK had a better story to it. TDKR was bigger and more epic in terms of what Bane did, but TDK and the rivalry between batman and joker and the things that the joker pulls off make it better fore me.

i also agree that it was quite predictable at times. as soon as we saw kid bane SPOILERs BELOW.............

leap and grap the ledge and escape, we all knew bale was gonna do the same.and when caine made his mini speech about mooeting him ina restaurant we kinda saw that coming as well.
defiantfall88  +   1214d ago
Although the kid was not Bane it was Talia :P
dead_eye  +   1214d ago
And if you needed that scene to figure it out then I wouldn't use the word predictable. I'd use the word spoon feed. As soon as he was put in there we knew he was gonna get out. The real point of the scene was what bruce wayne would learn.
Mrmagnumman357  +   1215d ago
Couldn't agree more. Dark Knight Rises was a brilliant,emotional and thought provoking film. Truly an incredible film, perhaps one of the greatest of all time.
Jihaad_cpt  +   1215d ago
lol, thought provoking in what sense? There are more thought provoking things in real life.
TransientDreamer  +   1215d ago
Yes...like films; films CAN be thought-provoking.
DFogz  +   1214d ago
Thought provoking in a "how the hell did he escape a goddamn NUCLEAR BOMB!" kind of way.
Frankfurt  +   1215d ago
Uncharted only sold 700K in a whole month (mediocre numbers for what is supposed to be a big title, not to mention an exclusive), this will sell even worse.

This is no Batman, it's "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence" at best, like every other Sony exclusive.
dcortz2027  +   1215d ago
How does it feel to know that Sony exclusives that don't even sell are still better than any game on your precious Xbox 360! By the way, The Dark Knight Rises was EPIC, way better than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It is one of the best films ever made if not the best!
NoFanboyRequired  +   1214d ago
Lol, you whiny little fangirls are THE MOST annoying things in the world. Get a life!
T3MPL3TON  +   1215d ago
You know why I hated the TDKR? The backbreaker. It was in the movie but they basically gave it a time skip to just ignore the fact that Bane seriously whooped Batman's ass.

What pissed me off the most was the fact that they could of just given him, his actual mask it wouldn't be hard to make. Instead he has that crappy ass 'so edgy omg' Hannibal Lecter style face mask and it just looks retarded. His voice wasn't creepy it was hilarious no body talks like that. Period. It's phony bad guy voice and they should feel dumb for using that. This was mostly a grunt off between the two dudes followed by an incredibly unattractive woman being thrown in as 'sexy.'

They completely dropped venom as it should have been and went with this garbage implication that it's in the mask he wears.. WHATEVER. Venom is what actually makes Bane the force he is. Having it as an after thought was like spitting on the character.

I didn't even see this as a Batman movie it was an action/drama flick that just so happened to have comic book hero/villain's names in it.

The only reason people cared about this movie because of how popular TDK was. If Heath Ledger had done a terrible job. This movie probably wouldn't have even been made. Nobody would care.

Also... Hows about the fact that they never even call Catwoman.. CATWOMAN. She's 'Cat Burgler.'
Lou Ferrigno  +   1215d ago
how old are you?.. such ignorance
dead_eye  +   1214d ago
If anyone had done a bad job in the film it would have sucked.

"I didn't even see this as a Batman movie it was an action/drama flick that just so happened to have comic book hero/villain's names in it."

You are so right and that is what makes them so good. People don't look at them as superhero movies
shadow2797  +   1214d ago
"I didn't even see this as a Batman movie it was an action/drama flick that just so happened to have comic book hero/villain's names in it."

It took you 3 movies to figure out what Nolan was trying to do? This is the whole point. He's not trying to make a great comic book movie, he's trying to make a great movie. Things like venom and the Catwoman name don't fit in Nolan's universe.
Deadpool616  +   1215d ago
Is every comment section that has anything to with "The Dark Knight Rises" going to be like this? :/
Hozi  +   1215d ago
The Dark Knight Rises was a great movie, however when you carefully think about it more and more, you begin to see it's flaws...

1. when Bruce Wayne climbed out of Hole, he was somewhere I think in the middle east? and considering that Gotham is the equivalent of NYC....He'd have to have a jet to reach there in under 18 hours before the bomb went off. He did it without anything...he got pass the heavily guarded etrances to the city and u know the brigdes were out and the river/ocean was frozen.

I did however, love the joke with Ras' al goul about his wife and child being (TAKEN)...Get it? Taken. LOL.
CaptainPunch  +   1215d ago
People are forgetting this is a movie, it doesn't have to be realistic. It was still a good movie overall, despite someone of its plot holes.
CaptainPunch  +   1214d ago
haha marvel fanboys
gamejediben  +   1215d ago
It was easy for him to get back into the city.

He's Batman.

It's a given he'd find a way to get back in. If Nolan had to show you every single thing Bruce Wayne/Batman does, it would have been a 20 hour movie.

If little things like that kept me from enjoying movies, I wouldn't be able to like any movie.
Lou Ferrigno  +   1215d ago
^^ this dude speaks the truth .. well said in short :)-
Hozi  +   1214d ago
really? I'll remember that when you complain about all those new videogames coming out
Hozi  +   1214d ago
Tell me, is Bruce Wayne only alive after getting a beat-down from Bane because he's Batman? His brain should be like Marshmallow and his back should be broken.

Did you not see Bane punch through concrete!!!!

Not to mention the horrible condition Bruce Wayne was in from the beginning of the movie.
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gamejediben  +   1214d ago


Why do you even watch movies with this kind of attitude. If you can't suspend disbelief, then your just a cynical doucebag who can't enjoy anything.

If I ever became like you, I'd hope someone could put me out of my misery. This is no way to live...
DFogz  +   1214d ago
@gamejediben - "Why do you even watch movies with this kind of attitude. If you can't suspend disbelief"

I'll suspend disbelief, but my disbelief can only take so much.
Bane breaks Batmans back, and then some old guy in a prison just *pops* his spine back in place like it was a dislocated shoulder, and he's good as new? I've got a hard time believing that. Not to mention that after Wayne gets out of the prison (something only he and a child could do) he has to get back to Gotham with: No money, no gadgets, no contact with anybody, AND all but one bridge has been blown up, with the one that isn't being occupied by military threatening to blow it up if anybody comes too close (which would never happen, seeing as the military doesn't negotiate with terrorists).

Then we're asked to suspend disbelief even more when Catwoman is the one that kills Bane.And when EVERYBODY knows who Batman is. And when Batman only has one minute to fly a bomb 7+ miles out into the sea. And when Batman miraculously survives that nuclear explosion.

I loved the other two movies. I enjoyed parts of this movie, other parts I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough I guess. Maybe I suck at watching movies, or maybe Nolan sucks at making a movie believable, I don't know.
jimbobwahey  +   1215d ago
The real tragedy of all this is people proudly proclaiming that The Dark Knight Rises is one of (if not the) best movie of all time. That's where the real emotion of the movie is, it's reading comments like that which make you shake your head and weep in disbelief.

I can only pray that it's misguided 12 year olds writing things such as that, otherwise it's just really depressing.
RedHotChiliPepaSpray  +   1214d ago
good movie but its not even the best in the series let alone the best ever made
mamotte  +   1215d ago
Wonder why a 80-10 hours game is different than a 3 hours movie. I know. Maybe in the game, batman moves very slowly. But's exactly the same.

Stating the obvious: The new trend, only here in N4G. Ironically, we dont accept common sense.
sourav93  +   1214d ago
With the first two films, I loved then instantly. But with TDKR, it's a type of film that grows on you after giving it a couple or more views, all of course in my personal opinion. Don't get me wrong, I thought the film was great. A great end to Bruce Wayne's story. Just that personally, I feel that one viewing isn't enough to really enjoy the film.
sourav93  +   1214d ago
With the first two films, I loved then instantly. But with TDKR, it's a type of film that grows on you after giving it a couple or more views, all of course, in my personal opinion. Don't get me wrong, I thought the film was great. A great end to Bruce Wayne's story. Just that personally I feel that one viewing isn't enough to really enjoy the film.
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Hicken  +   1214d ago
Great movie, though I wouldn't say it was better that TDK.

For those complaining about the changes in Bane, he's not the only one in the series to undergo some changes to fit in this iteration of the universe. And, honestly, Bane's character was very well written for the Nolan Batman.

For those complaining about the lack of Batman, you should probably think about where the Dark Knight would be rising from if he hadn't sank into obscurity.

Again, I think it was a great movie, but I think TDK was better.

As for the video game version of the movie, I can't fathom why someone would expect it to be the same...
WitWolfy  +   1214d ago
The movie was laughable for me... Even my friends GF fell asleep while watching it.

Why make it 8 years after TDK??? (that totally pissed me off)

Why is he limping??? (unless I forgot something about TDK, but I dont remember him having a leg injury at the end)

How in the good name of all thats holy can he just train for 3-6 months to become as strong as what he was 8 years ago???... BS!!! (This totally ticked me off)


Realistic or not, they made the time gap of TDK and TDKR too far apart.. I just kept on telling myself that this was a year later after the Joker to make more sense of things.
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krazykombatant  +   1214d ago
1. Time of peace, Gotham had finally gotten rid of crime and things were looking good for Gotham, the Dent Act put away all the mobsters.

2. He is limping because of the fall at the end of TDK. When he is hanging by a thread with Gordon's son and harvey they both fall and thats how he injures himself.

3. He was out of shape because he had been a hermit for about 5 years. 3 years he spend on the fusion project after the joker and when it didn't work he became a total recluse. I don't see the problem of him training day and night to get in shape again. Whats the problem with that?

4. Dr. Crane a.k.a scarecrow is one of the super villians in the movies, its a little cameo nothing more, if you want some one like the mad hatter being the judge then go and become a writer/director so that you can re do the trilogy. There was a reason to make it 8 years after, with bruce out of shape bane could brake the bat.
shadow2797  +   1214d ago
SPOILERS, obviously.

1. Because it's been 8 years since Batman Begins released. TDK's timeline was only a month or so after Batman Begins. Thus, TDKR had to bridge the gap somehow to explain Bruce's aging. Not to mention the movie borrows heavily from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and it makes the story better for him to be old and past his prime.

2. When you get older, you'll see. The punishment his body sustained when he was younger took it's toll and caught up with him. His joints are stiff and he's spent years moping around in his mansion.

3. Who said he was as strong as he was? He's just in shape again. He used the fear of death to defeat Bane and summon the strength to keep fighting. And he broke his mask. These were kind of big plot points.

4. Who else would have? They obviously couldn't use the Joker. Scarecrow is the only villain left that the audience would know. He obviously used his reputation and resources to get to the top. And unlike every other comic book movie, Nolan illustrates that these guys are still around. If Ledger's unfortunate death hadn't happened, the Joker would have had a cameo, too.
Gincredible  +   1214d ago

Seriously how can anybody disagree with what your saying? That movie was totally a misrepresentation of Batman and Bane in its entirety. Yes, the movie was good, but as Batman I absolutely disagree. Batman is meant to be ten steps ahead of everybody however in this movie he gets outsmarted, beat up and probably raped in prison. He never exercised hes unique attributes of intelligence and masterclass, rather, he seemed bewildered, lost and predictable.

Seriously what's with Banes Sean Connery impression and Batmans over excessive use of sounding like he's either constipated or on the verge of crapping he's pants.

I have always been a fan of Batman since mid 80's and it bothers me to see him dumbed down to appeal more to movie goers than to real comic book fans. For those people with no Batman knowledge or he's main enemies please buy a comic book, I emplore you. I totally agree with ChunkyLover53 this should of been called Bruce Wayne rises.
Hufandpuf  +   1214d ago
Batman is meant to be ten steps ahead of everybody however in this movie he gets outsmarted, beat up and blah blah blah.

Read Knightfall. Bane outsmarted Batman to the point where taking him out was a breeze.
Gincredible  +   1211d ago

Come on man, he got beat up while getting lectured by a british sounding Darth Vader. Even the way he reached for hes utility belt so obviously, that was so painfully obvious i thought Batman maybe snuck a secret secondary attack, but i was wrong and Bane broke hes back. Not to worry because thats nothing a couple of pull-ups and press-ups cant fix in a prison where nutrition and comfortable beds is of the highest quality.

The Knightfall comics was entertaining and Bane pushed Batman to the limits not because of outsmarting Batman but rather because of making hes life difficult by releasing Arkham Asylum inmates and forcing Batman months of fighting and recapturing most of hes archenemies including joker. Just so Bane can take on a tired and warn-out Batman otherwise he would of got hes ass handed to him (like was expected of him at the end of the movie, especially fighting a non-juiced out version of bane)

In the movie Bruce wayne didn't even know hes company was losing money! Seriously, Batman was that dumb? The Batman of the justice league cartoons are a much closer depiction of Batman.
As a movie it was very good not as Batman I'm afraid.
goldwyncq  +   1214d ago
The only thing that made The Dark Knight great was Joker. Take him out, and there'd be no other reasons to believe why the movie was memorable.

TDKR though, didn't just rely on Bane. Catwoman's portrayal was spot on,Bale's performance as Bruce Wayne was the best in the entire trilogy, and then there's Alfred, whose scenes were one of the most memorable in the entire film.

Best movie in the trilogy is definitely Rises.
RedHotChiliPepaSpray  +   1214d ago
basically, the only characters that were significantly added over the last one was catwomen and blake (bane is the equivalent of joker)

as far as action goes i agree that TDKR was the best but in terms of plot, acting and overall, the movie in general i would go for TDK.
FinalomegaS  +   1214d ago
obvious Nolan wouldn't be able to please everyone.

they love the Joker, they love Bane, they love the TDK they love TDKR...

Can't tell one person that loves one movie that the other is better, especially when they love specific moments of one or character(s). The movies can do this, make us fall in love with a character or the eyes one monster... The voice of the devil or even the gadgets and toys that help propel our hero to greatness.


on topic

you know why this game can't be like the movie... The original movie director did not craft it. Of course some will say otherwise but think about it. If it did have the big blockbuster names to do the voices, the production value of a high end console quality and a dam controller lol. Then...
then i will allow you die!

guys need to stop the hating... right?

Why so serious?
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