The Video Game Version of The Dark Knight Rises’ Prison Scene Is, Um, Different

SPOILERS -- The video shown in this article spoils a part of the movie.

Ah, the poetry and metaphor of the prison sequence in The Dark Knight Rises! How would one ever turn that into an awesome video game level?

The answer: by adding lots of dudes for Bruce Wayne to punch.

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poopsack1883d ago

This guy's acting like 90% of movie-games dont do this already. Except he says so in the damn video so whats the big deal? Its a shitty tie-in, go on with your life.

mafiahajeri1883d ago

Lol yeah and that's not that problem Its a iPad game -_-"

typikal821883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It threw me off also when I was playing through that level.

darkangel111883d ago

BattleTorn you are a complete idiot because of course he got defeated at first by Bane because of how tough Bane is,and if you seen the end you would know that he defeated him.How is Batman getting too old when he is not even middle age yet? How do you even know if Levitt became Robin when he could have became anything after the way it left off? You failed on everything you said

DFogz1882d ago

I just read BattleTorn's comment and agree with him 100%. You sir, are the idiot.
Of course Batman was beaten by Bane at first, every villian wins the first time in every movie ever. Otherwise the hero can't rise up and save the day. But he didn't have to have his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Batman hardly put up a fight, surprising for someone who is a master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant.

"and if you seen the end you would know that he defeated him." Actually, Batman got beat up again. *Spoilers* Catwoman blew up Bane with a rocket. She saved the day.

"How is Batman getting too old when he is not even middle age yet?"
Hate to break it to you, but he is middle-aged. In the first movie, Bruce Wayne (and the actor that played him) is about 30 years old. Then he joins the League of Shadows and disappears for 7 years to train. Comes back to Gotham (for who knows how long) then at the end of Dark Knight disappears for another 8 years. So we can assume, at the very least Batman is 45 years old. Add into that the extensive physical damage mentioned by his doctor at the beginning of DK:R and yeah, I'd say Bruce Wayne is getting too old to be Batman for much longer.

"How do you even know if Levitt became Robin when he could have became anything after the way it left off? "
You don't 'know' but that's the point of a cliffhanger ending. But if you take what Nolan said, about how he made Levitt's character a mash-up of all the previous Robins, and the fact he named Levitt's character Robin, plus that he knows who Batman really is, the audience is meant to assume that Batman can't continue and that Robin will begin his training to take up the reigns. This is further supported when Levitt tracks Catwoman to the Batcave in attempts of finding Batman...he's being drawn into Batman's world and his unique brand of justice. He may become Robin, but what's more likely is that he'll become Nightwing.

You failed on everything you said.

darkangel111881d ago

Of course you agree with everything he says because you are a total idiot just like him.Batman did put up a good fight throughout the first fight with Bane and even got Bane on the floor and got several punches on him.Get your math right because when Wayne got back to Gotham it shows in the background in his mansion where he is 30 on his birthday in Batman Begins,then no more then a year went by before the events of The Dark Knight,then 8 years went by before the events of The Dark Knight Rises so he would be 39 by which that is not even middle age yet.Even when I was 8 I think that I was better at my math then you idiot.

RedDeadLB1883d ago

All you people are tarnishing this excellent movie. I watched the movie 2 nights ago, my heart was pounding the whole time and when the movie was over EVERYONE were walking out with big smiles on their faces, myself included. Bane is an excellent character here, his voice, his stature, his psyche, EVERYTHING. It's the best movie of the three by far. The Dark Knight may have been more complex, but this movie had emotions. And boy, did we all feel them rushing through.

WeskerChildReborned1882d ago

The Dark Knight was my favorite out of the three.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray1882d ago

TDK had a better story to it. TDKR was bigger and more epic in terms of what Bane did, but TDK and the rivalry between batman and joker and the things that the joker pulls off make it better fore me.

i also agree that it was quite predictable at times. as soon as we saw kid bane SPOILERs BELOW.............

leap and grap the ledge and escape, we all knew bale was gonna do the same.and when caine made his mini speech about mooeting him ina restaurant we kinda saw that coming as well.

defiantfall881882d ago

Although the kid was not Bane it was Talia :P

dead_eye1882d ago

And if you needed that scene to figure it out then I wouldn't use the word predictable. I'd use the word spoon feed. As soon as he was put in there we knew he was gonna get out. The real point of the scene was what bruce wayne would learn.

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