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Submitted by jdmorg0 1294d ago | opinion piece

Sorry EA, But We're Tired of You Making Terrible Football Games

A lawsuit filed in 2008 has been brought back up, and if approved it may give other game developers the right to make NFL and NCAA football games again. Sorry EA, but I hope 2k sports gets another crack at making football games. (2K Sports, EA, Madden 13, PC, PS3, Tag Invalid, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1294d ago
Amen, Alleluiah! I'm tired of the trash that is Madden. I want ESPN 2K Football back.
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rpd123  +   1294d ago
I remember when I was a kid, I had 2K2 on my PS2 and my friend had Madden. I was at his house and he told me I wouldn't be good at Madden because "it wasn't some shitty 2K game". I f***in rage because 2K2 was leagues better than Madden.
da_2pacalypse  +   1294d ago
Yeah, the old 2K games were specially good.

PS. you can just about say the following statement:

"EA we're tired of you making terrible *insert genre here* games" lol
NegativeCreep427  +   1294d ago
I still have my old copy of NFL 2K5.
It may be outdated, according to current NFL team statistics and player data, but if anyone is a long-time NFL fan that really doesn't matter.
Hanif-876  +   1293d ago
EA makes good football games and i'm stoked that they got the rights for UFC because they are damn good with fighting simulations also.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1294d ago
Same here.
black911  +   1294d ago
PLEASE BRING 2K Back!!!!!!!!!!
ATi_Elite  +   1293d ago
I hope they win this Lawsuit and force EA to pay them a lot of money and THEN make a kick butt football game.

I know I always thought this was unfair and i haven't played Madden since.
-Alpha  +   1294d ago
All Hail the King, 2K!
X-Factor  +   1294d ago
YESSSS! Always thought 2k football games were better.
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vega275  +   1294d ago
i really hope EA loses their grip on NFL and NCAA football. 2K make it happen then i can go back to buying football games again.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1294d ago
But EA didn't create this exclusivity contract, the NFL did.
iceman06  +   1293d ago
True...but there are documents that suggest that there was collusion between executives at EA and the NFL in the drafting stages of that contract. The execs specifically point out how to keep earned monies between EA and the NFL (not NFL players) and to exclude any other game company from ruining the image of the NFL. I used to have links to this documentation...but it's been so long since this discussion has been on the table.
mananimal  +   1293d ago
Amen, I love the Truth!!!!!,
SKUD  +   1294d ago
The wait continues for a decent NFL game. Wow, its been so long.
soliduck  +   1294d ago
Absolutely come back to me 2k football. Hey by the way does anyone remember the year before ea signed there football rights deal. New games were 50 instead of 60 bucks back then, and 2k decided to release there sports games for 20 brand new. Not because they sucked, cause they wanted to de throne ea, and get more people into 2k sports games. That took balls, and would of worked. I hope this goes thro. I dont hate madden or anything, but competition means we get a better product.
GREW50ME  +   1294d ago
Even 2k8 was better than any Madden game, and that game was on a low budget and wasn't even NFL-based. Sad. Madden STILL has bugs where the football goes right through people and stuff... horrible physics! Broken engine is broken!
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aftrdark21  +   1294d ago
I remember when 2k games started pricing their annual releases for sport games (NBA, NFL, and NCAA) @ $19.99. They had the better games and they killed EA that year. I'm sure that's part of the reason EA went after the exclusive license.
ChunkyLover53  +   1294d ago
Part of the reason? That is the reason. I was able to buy all the sports games that year for the same price as one copy of Madden.

Once this cut into EA's profits they went and bought the exclusive license.

Sports games shouldn't be full price every year, they lose resell value faster than any other game. Most of the time you are just paying for roster updates.

I actually held off on buying an NFL game until last years Madden. I went 6 years without buying a game, but I am only human and I love the NFL, so I wanted to play an NFL game.
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edonus   1294d ago | Spam
topgeareasy  +   1294d ago
but I liked fifa 12
ChunkyLover53  +   1294d ago
EA will have the NFL license for as long as they want it, this ruling doesn't really change anything. Even if the license was available to other developers, who would pay the hefty licensing fee?

Take Two, who makes the 2K Sports games is already getting out of the Baseball video game market. Not enough people were buying it, so they were losing money on the license.

They might be willing to take a risk with the NFL again though, seeing how its the most popular American sport.

I like the variety, I like having a choice. I loved NFL 2K5, Gameday and actually NFL Fever was a solid franchise over Madden as well.
iceman06  +   1293d ago
Actually, the ruling will allow for another developer to really make a run at creating fair competition for the market dollars. Since 2K Sports has dropped hockey and baseball, that frees up some development dollars for football. The 2K crew KNOW where they stand in the eyes of the industry when it comes to football. I think they would definitely risk it. Oh...and you listed my 2 favorite football games of all time...2K5 and the Gameday (before it was ruined).
Bladesfist  +   1294d ago
That's handegg not football :( Seriously who named it!
miamicanesruleall  +   1293d ago
2K5 was not better than madden. The problem with the 2k series was the simplistic nature of the gameplay. Say what you want about Madden, but it is critical in that game to make adjustments at the line, call audibles, and actually have some knowledge of blitz schemes and substitution packages. I like the depth it offers. That is where 2k5 lacked. I have no doubt that 2k would have continued to evolve the game if the license hadn't been ripped out from under them, but anyone saying 2k5 is better than madden is out to lunch, permanently.
iceman06  +   1293d ago
2K5 WAS better than Madden...for that year especially. I don't think Madden was close until the next gen jump. Madden had time to develop a "deeper" layer of strategy. But, as you stated, imagine what the 2K series would look like. No...imagine what MADDEN would look like with competition PUSHING it to make changes instead of deciding every couple of years that it's time to change something. The devs at EA have been lazy since 2K left the game. They have sold pieces of the on field experience each year. One year the focus is defense...then running...then the QB...while never really selling the entire package. I buy it about every 2-3 years because I am a sucker for the NFL...but given a choice...I am ready for something new. It's been over 10 years of hoping that EA would finally get rid of the legacy issues from last generation and give me a new experience.
Father Murder X  +   1293d ago
I agree somewhat. I own 2k5 and 2k8 and both are great. I personally feel the Allpro 2K8 maybe the best of them all. The controls, the adjustments on the fly, etc was top of the line. However, Madden 12 was pretty damn good. Now having said that I find to really enjoy Madden you can't buy it every year. I buy it every other year.

Funny story but true my 10 year old nephew tried to sell me his week old copy of NCAA 12. I asked him why and he said it was identical to NCAA 11. Man I laughed my ass off.
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soliduck  +   1293d ago
Actually that would be ncaa 13 then, duh , u can't tell the difference.
BigDollarZoe954  +   1293d ago
Madden Sucks Now Use To Be A Fan It Just Bores Me Now I Use To Love Playing NFL 2K NBA 2K Is Successful maybe EA Should give up and Just Let NFL 2K become a reality again IMO
Psychotica  +   1293d ago
Now NCAA Football 13 has some issues but I am really hoping that Madden 13 with the NEW physics engine will be better. If 2K was allowed to make another football game I hope they would do better than their baseball game because that sucks ass.
rob85  +   1293d ago
Hope that one day FIFA will get owned by PES
MRMagoo123  +   1293d ago
Really guys think of EA this way they are being given lemons (NFL crappest and most boring sport on the planet full of ladies wearing full body armour) and trying to make lemonade, its not easy, put it like this for example....could you make a delicious chocolate cake if the only ingredient you got was a steaming hot fresh dog poo ?
Psychotica  +   1293d ago
Oh you must like rugby with all those little guys running around. To bad nobody watches it.
MRMagoo123  +   1293d ago
who cares how many ppl watch a sport it doesnt make it more manly and less gay, unless of course you think football aka soccer is manly cos its watched by alot more ppl world wide than any NFL match?
Psychotica  +   1293d ago
I didn't say it made it manly, it's an indication of how good the sport is..
jacobie74  +   1293d ago
yea 2k is way better, i just cant wait till reebok get nfl again so i can get me some nfl gear for a cool price. cuz nike is way too high

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