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Wii U a game changer?

"Iwata admits Nintendo had problems communicating what Wii U was about..."

What do you think? Game changer or just more of the same?

Video is an example of "Asymmetric Gameplay" (Nintendo, Wii U)

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1072d ago
If it sells a lot yes! In the console (corporation land) world sales matter.. It doesn't matter if it's innovative. If it sells poor then no it's not a game changer. If it does the other consoles will follow. MS is kinda protecting there asses with their tablet.

Uncharted is not a game changer but call of duty was.
Though uncharted is a more innovative game. You don't see many Uncharted clones or heavy rain clones or god of war clones or mirrors edge clones.

Money comes first with on disk dlc & last with more dlc.

Marketing is really the most important thing at least in America.

May not like it but that is what is going on today. Black ops 2 coming. Think of the 3 or 4 most innovative games you can think of and add the sales together & black ops 2 will sell 10 Million more than that.
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moparful99  +   1072d ago
How is uncharted not a game changer? Naughty dog brought a level of writing, polish and character acting that was unheard of before the uncharted series.. As far as uncharted clones?

Unearthed: Trail of Iibn
Tomb Raider
Star Wars 1313
heck even the last of us are all spiritual clones of Uncharted
Imalwaysright  +   1072d ago
LMFAO TR is an uncharted clone?! Is that a joke? I dont know who are you trying to fool (maybe yourself) but the 1st TR game was released in 1996! If anything the clone is Uncharted and Its clear for anyone that has played both franchises that Uncharted took inspiration from TR!
PirateThom  +   1072d ago

No, it didn't. Play the games, they're not remotely alike apart from being about treasure hunters and temples. Tomb Raider was puzzle focused with very little shooting and Uncharted was more about the action. This was just something people said to discredit PS3 games. "Huurr, Dude Raider" "Huurrr, Goddess of War" and so on.

The fact the new Tomb Raider is no longer about a stick with a pair of beach balls but a realistic depiction of a female in an action setting makes the new Tomb Raider more like Uncharted than Uncharted was ever like Tomb Raider. The new Tomb Raider was a DIRECT response to Uncharted due to Tomb Raider games on PS2 onwards being a disaster.
Machioto  +   1072d ago
@pirate tomb raider did focus on shooting but it was exaggerate,she had twin pistols infinite ammo an highly acrobatic while shooting.
rpd123  +   1072d ago
Tomb Raider and Star Wars are Uncharted clones? Well Tomb Raider was released way before Uncharted existed so no to that. The plot of the games is ripped off from Tomb Raider which in turn is ripped off from Indiana Jones. The more recent game is clearly influenced by Uncharted but it's not a clone by any means.

And Star Wars 1313 is far more influenced by Mass Effect (both are by Bioware) than Uncharted.

If anything Uncharted is a clone of Tomb Raider (story material and theme) and Gears of War (gameplay).
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1072d ago
"How is uncharted not a game changer? "

What is a game changer? Something that impacts the industry. Other dev care more about what call of duty is doing than uncharted.. Call of duty is the biggest influence. You mean uncharted is a game changer for you? Uncharted effected hardly any other devs in the industry because the money is not top dollar.

Uncharted is awsome though.

When I say game changer I mean change the way games are made.. And influencing the industry.

But when it comes to story my favorite will be half life 2.
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Imalwaysright  +   1072d ago
Yep TR and Uncharted focus on different areas, TR on exploration and Uncharted on shooting but the concept of both games games is nearly identicall Treasure hunting, platforming, solving puzzles, shooting... I cant remember one single aspect from TR that Uncharted doesnt have either. Its clear that Uncharted took inspiration from TR and to say otherwise is idiotic at best.

"a realistic depiction of a female in an action setting makes the new Tomb Raider more like Uncharted than Uncharted was ever like Tomb Raider" LMFAO Oh yeah because in a videogame that is oh so much more important than: concept, gameplay elements or theme. Are you kidding me? Besides dont act as if the Drake is the only realistic character in videogames.

"The new Tomb Raider was a DIRECT response to Uncharted" And how the hell do you know that? From what ive seen the new TR STILL focus more on exploration than on shooting wich is the main difference between both franchises!
moparful99  +   1071d ago
I was referencing the new tomb raider.. I have played almost every single tomb raider game released and tomb raider has always been about the exploration.. This new tomb raider has focused more on the cinematic elements and that is what uncharted is most known for.. Previous TR's portrayed laura croft as a heroine who was stronger, faster, nearly indestructible... This new one is highlighting just how fragile and human laura really is and this is exactly what naughty dog did with drake, and elena, and sully, and chloe in uncharted... I'm not saying that uncharted invented anything because it didnt rather it took elements that have existed in games for years then polished and blended them to near perfection...
mike1up  +   1072d ago
It's already a game-changer. Take a good look at Smart Glass, and the PS3-Vita combo.

When Nintendo wants to be, they can be great trend-setters (motion control, handheld gaming, ...not so much online, yet).
ThePsychoGamer  +   1072d ago
Ok, let's take a good like at the Vita-PS3 combo.... something that was announced prior to the WiiU , and is an improvement over ideas present with the connectivity between the PS3 and PSP. Yea, sorry my friend, but Nintendo did little to inspire what we have in regards to the PS3-Vita combo.

The more you know.
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AO1JMM  +   1072d ago
"Nintendo did little to inspire what we have in regards to the PS3-Vita combo"

Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance combo?

and knowledge is power.
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mike1up  +   1072d ago
Ok, let's take a good look at my comment... I never said that Nintendo inspired anything!

I said that Nintendo can be great trend-setters. You don't have to invent/inspire anything to be a trend-setter. Trend-setters simply make something fashionable or... trendy.
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BattleAxe  +   1072d ago
"WiiU a game changer?"....No, WiiU game over.
stuna1  +   1072d ago

Mate don't even waste your time! Notice the amount of disagrees you recieved by just stating facts

The truth of the matter, you have people going on about sony fanboys run this site or xbox fanboys are the worst! When in all honesty all you need do is visit their natural habitats on n4g.

Lately commenting in WII U articles, I've found that they can be just as rabbied as sony, and microsoft fanboys! There really is no distinction.

Nintendo have made great contributions to gaming as a whole, but people need to stop fooling themselves into thinking that Sony and Microsoft don't deserve recognition for their contributions.


Technically all sony would have to do is use the feature once in order for it to be relevant! And as a owner of the PS3 & VITA, it is a functioning feature that I have personally used! Marvel vs Capcom utilizes this function.
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ThePsychoGamer  +   1072d ago
You also stated

"It's already a game-changer. Take a good look at Smart Glass, and the PS3-Vita combo"

So how douse the PS3-Vita combo prove the WiiU is game changer?

I said Little, not none
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mike1up  +   1072d ago
I don't like to criticize systems that I don't own, but this is my honest opinion...

Sony may have announced the PS3-Vita combo, but how many games are actually using PS3-Vita connectivity? Oh and when I say using, I mean right now, not something that Sony promised a long time ago! Furthermore, how many PS3-PSP combo games were actually released? Let's give the "Sony, connectivity pioneer" act a rest, shall we?

We both know that the WiiU will sell the "dual screen" home console idea, and that's a good thing for the PS3-Vita combo. Imo Sony never advertised that feature worth a crap.

Also, the PS3-Vita combo is too expensive! Assuming the WiiU has a reasonable price, a few hundred dollars could be a game-changer for a lot of people.
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Salamander  +   1072d ago
IM afraid Mr.Mike wins.
moparful99  +   1072d ago
@MrMike Regardless of the fact that sony hasn't widely integrated the Vita/ps3 interoperability doesn't negate the fact that Sony hasn't been working with the idea.. Just because Nintendo is force feeding the dual screen combo through the wii u doesn't make them trendsetters.. Just like the 3ds Sony was the flag waiver of 3d but just because nintendo sold a bunch of 3ds' does that make them a trend setter in 3d technology? Nope
Godmars290  +   1072d ago
Really have to wonder how all this "unproven potential" talk is any different from the "dead at the starting line" crap. At least in the latter case something could be said are all of the 3rd party titles from the current gen versus Zombie U.

For the little its worth, Sony was talking about console and handheld combos since PS3/PSP.
mike1up  +   1072d ago

For the little its worth, I never said that Nintendo invented, or inspired, anything.

I said that Nintendo can be great trend-setters, and gave 2 examples.

A trend-setter is a person that sets trends.
Samus HD  +   1072d ago
Nintendo Always is
WeskerChildReborned  +   1072d ago
This has changed the game and in a good way. A tablet on the controller that you can use to play the game using the screen or your normal tv, that right there is a neat idea. Also you can use to surf the web and it's better that we get to interact better with the games.
Jadedz  +   1072d ago
Can't wait till the Wii U launches
Will Wii U supporters eat pie, while Wii U doubters eat crow, or vice versa?

Stay tuned :P.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1072d ago
Absolutely it is. Nintendo is the first of the console makers to incorporate a tablet into their home console gaming experience. This will probably draw in some of those tablet fans that will be interested.

By 2014, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony and Microsoft try and capture some of Nintendo's crowd like they did with motion controls as well. I can see Sony and Microsoft both offering tablet like controllers for the 720 and PS4.

Nintendo takes the risks and innovates and the others just follow suit.
bothebo  +   1070d ago
"Nintendo takes the risks and innovates and the others just follow suit"

Laughed at that. Quite funny actually.

"This will probably draw in some of those tablet fans that will be interested."

Why pay an additional $350 for a system which isn't as functional as their iPad already is?
ChunkyLover53  +   1070d ago
You laughed at my comment but didn't really mention why you thought it was so funny.

Obviously Nintendo's business model has been copied and copied quite often. This generation alone saw Microsoft and Sony try to jump on the motion control bandwagon.

Sony is trying to push Sackboy to be their version of Mario, he's even getting his own Kart Racer and a Smash Brothers type of game.

Now Nintendo is adding a tablet controller, how long to you actually think it will take before Microsoft and Sony follow suit? Microsoft has SmartGlass yes, but they patented a controller with a tablet like function, Sony will probably push the Vita as a tablet for use on the PS4.

You pay the unspecified amount for the Wii U because it going to offer deeper games, at home on a console. The HD first party games are something a lot of people have been wanting for a long time.
NeoTribe  +   1072d ago
No game changer here folks. All this system is gonna bring you is wiihashed games everyone and there mother who had a "real" current gen console has already played. Atleast you'll be able to play batman in hd.... for wut that's worth.
bothebo  +   1070d ago
Totally agree. Ninny fanboys say that it's about the "experience" if that's true, then why are you buying sequels on systems with better hardware when you are already having a good experience? The visuals in these sequels do not even have a significant jump in graphics or add any real features.

It will just be wiihashed games as you said. However, outside of the Ninny fanboy market who will be willing to buy into that for over $300.
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DivineAssault  +   1072d ago
i believe nx gen consoles will have a small interactive screen on them to remove on screen clutter & real time maps.. If that does happen, yes.. Wii U is a game changer & nintendo ALWAYS has changed the game industry.. From perfected analog, to shoulder buttons, to rumble packs, to motion games, etc.. The comp just takes those great ideas & uses em for more T-A oriented software.. Its probably going to be an industry standard from now on to have an interactive 2nd screen.. Poor sega... They were too ahead of their time with their ideas.. The tech wasnt ready for what they were on..
shaun mcwayne  +   1071d ago
Ill wait and see how it takes off. Only game im interested in at the moment is zombie u, but mario kart has always been a big fave of mine.

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