Blueside Reveals Kingdom Under Fire II - Screens

Teaming up with Phantagram once again, Kingdom Under Fire II marks a return to the Action-RTS formula. Blue Side have been working hard to develop the key components, promising an enhanced game system. Picking up from where Heroes and The Crusaders left off, Kingdom Under Fire II marks the addition of a third-faction to the fold, battling the Human Alliance and Dark Legion that has been the basis for previous titles.

Intriguingly, Blue Side also maintains that Kingdom Under Fire II will usher in a new genre... the MMOARTS, otherwise known as the world's first Massively Multiplayer Online Action RTS. Offering a single-player and an online mode, Blue Side describes a mode that allows thousands of players to join a server to pit their skills against each other.

Scheduled for release during 2009 on the PC and unspecified console platforms, there could be some suggestion that the series will jump from its Xbox exclusivity.

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Laexerias3676d ago

cool. another lost exclusive, poor xbox

Skerj3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

There hasn't been a really successful MMORTS to date, probably due to some of the conventions of both genres clashing. I used to play Shattered Galaxy but it left much to be desired. That's freaking awesome if KUFII is multiplat though. What'd be even more awesome is if it's multiplat with the online mode offering crossplatform play like FFXI does. Wanna end some fanboy fights? Take it to the game, and let your armies do the talking.

003676d ago

I hope it's as hard as the other ones.

MK_Red3676d ago

Nice find and shots.
I hope they fully work on the singleplayer part because I have no desire for the MMO parts.