Emailing Bill Gates Results In New XBox 360

360 Gamer reports: "The owner of a broken 360 is being sent a new machine after filing a complaint with none other than Bill Gates himself. The gamer in question had already had one machine break on him when his second console gave up the ghost.

But rather than going through the usual customer service channels, the disgruntled owner tracked down the e-mail addresses of Bill Gates and Kathleen Hogan (Microsoft's corporate vice president for worldwide customer service, support and customer and partner experience) and contacted them instead.

And furthermore, it seems to have done the trick. "I was contacted within twenty-four hours from the escalation department and a new console is on its way" the consumer said.

As charming as the story is, the cynic within us can't help but feel slightly sceptical about it. Would Bill Gates have really got that e-mail? And if so, would he have personally ordered the escalation team to handle it? And with Gates set to relinquish his day-to-day duties within Microsoft, would such a trick work in the future?

We're not convinced, but if you find yourself in a similar position, the fortunate consumer did give the e-mail addresses for both Hogan and Gates, which (along with the full account of his tale) you can find here."

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gamesblow3793d ago

A new xbox 360? This guy talks to Bill Gates "richest man alive" and all he ask for is a video game system... Please. How about a grant or a couple hundred thousand, Bill? My wallet broke.

Crazyglues3793d ago

I can see what my letter would have looked like if it was me,

Dear Bill,

Sorry to bother you but my Xbox 360 broke and no one at Microsoft tech-support seems to want to fix it. Now I Know your really busy since your getting ready to step down from Microsoft. But can you please just take care of this one thing for me. And If it's not too much trouble can you throw in a Panasonic 103inch Plasma, I mean just think how crazy it would be if I could tell my friends not only did bill get my Xbox 360 fixed but he sent me a plasma to enjoy Gears of War 2 for all the trouble.

Thanking you in advance, you are indeed the coolest CEO in the history of business, your best friend for life... Little jimmy....

BrianC62343793d ago

I just can't believe this story. I don't think Bill Gates reads email from any email account that we could find. This sounds like a story someone made up. It's nice but not believable. If it's only his second bad 360 then Bill Gates has a lot of people to send new 360s because I've heard about lots of people who have had much bigger problems.

Genuine3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Big whoop. I received a brand new console, when my launch 360 ringed out this past August. It doesn't take a call to Bill Gates to get your freakin 360 replaced.

mighty_douche3793d ago

Bill should of done the honourable thing and sent this dude a PS3.

Says you3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

why did he even bother emailing him he could just get a new one what? am I saying? he could of saved himself the trouble by not buying one what is wrong with america?! they just keep buying the same system that looks alot like a (Dell) pc that is just going to break down on them later on and this isn't that much of a news its a just guy that is just complaining to the owner of the companie, he wasn't even the one that made the damn thing J allard did.

f7ss13793d ago

well thats nice of him

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The story is too old to be commented.