Rumor: PlayStation All Stars Leak Includes Metal Gear's Raiden, DMC's Dante And More

Dual Pixels - Breaking: New images supposedly leaking the remainder of the TBA playable characters in PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale shows new challengers including PlayStation mascots and 3rd party legends.

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user54670072097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


Oh yeah lets give Nintendo Solid "Awesome" Snake for SBB and Sony can have crappy Raiden of Playstation All Stars. What about Big Boss or Old Snake.

Evil Cole?

If that is Evil Cole what a waste of a character, wouldn't it just be easier to have Evil Cole as a skin.

I really hope this isn't true. If it is true then it's Superbots own fault they should be realing more characters and info on the game. It comes out in a few months.

Oh and dmcs Dante...are Capcom serious. Are they actually trying to force us to like the new Dante, give us the good Dante. I bet Square Enix will do the same with Lightning, they'll only allow her to be in the game.

LOGICWINS2097d ago

Wait...what? Capcom is "forcing" people to like something? News to me.

user54670072097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


After the huge uproar with the new game and everything else thats went on with it why the hell would you select the new Dante to be in the game. You just wouldn't do's a stupid decision it's like they are trying to get more people to hate them

The majority of us don't give a crap about him, its like they are trying to make us like him by focusing on that Dante now, not the one that people like. They'll start shoving it down our throat more after the game comes out

LOGICWINS2097d ago

^^Woah, thats interesting. Wasn't aware people took it that seriously.

VanillaBear2097d ago

Oh shut the hell up LOGIC, trying to nitpick peoples comments so you can start an argument like you always do. Honestly your such a troll just like when you were on your old one bubble account deadreckoning666

Seriously it amazes me how you still have 5 bubbles.

Hisiru2097d ago

Stop complaining lol... We don't even have the full list yet. Maybe they even included characters like Cloud/Sephirot and you are complaining about something you don't know yet.

It's not the final list. They still have characters to announce.

Peppino72097d ago

Naked raiden???? I'll use him without any complaints like everyone else lol

PoSTedUP2097d ago

raiden is awesome; saved snakes ass multiple times. odd name though... ; )

Outside_ofthe_Box2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Obviously he didn't mean "forcing" literally.

You're never really "forced" to do ANYTHING... unless of course someone has control over you physically or mentally...

I'm pretty sure you know this already though. You only pointed that tiny part out of his entire comment because you want to incite an unnecessary argument/explanation like vanillabear **"kindly"** pointed out..

MaxXAttaxX2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

MvC3 got it right with DMC3's Dante. IF this is true, they should have included him instead.

Oddly enough, that screenshot shows Jak from Jak II, not Jak 3 which has been already announced.

And that looks like Hale from Resistance, not Evil Cole.

IAmLee2096d ago

ahh, Logic. We meet again. Nice to see you're as popular as ever ;)

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lizard812882096d ago

Lol, If new Dante is true, what are they smoking? Even Project X Zone uses the old Dante, along with MvC3 and a few other new games too.

blue7_72096d ago

It's not that they are forcing anyone but they could have included the old dante instead since that one is at least somewhat associated with the playstation brand the new dante not so much so they are kind of pushing the new dante down everyone's throat in a sense.

But if this is the character list then it just proves what a weak list Sony has most are third party pretty weak "all star" list the majority don't even represent the playstation brand. I guess they were grasping for straws.

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WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

Same here, I have no problem with Raiden really but DMC's Dante? I'm pretty sure most of the fans would want classic Dante. Would be cool if they had a poll for which Dante is included in the game.

ZeroX98762097d ago

why not have multiple skins for Dante?

WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

@ZeroX9876, That's not a bad idea but idk if any characters in the game will be given alternate costumes.

-Alpha2097d ago

^ There are tons of alt costumes look up the DLC

I'm sure Capcom would promote new Dante, but I dont think they'd be so selfish as to disallow old Dante as a skin

Godmars2902097d ago

So instead of cool cyber Raiden you'd rather have naked cartwheeling Raiden?

BitbyDeath2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

@Mike, Evil Cole would have a different move set to Good cole. eg. Ice and Oil.

AS long as they have tons of characters to pick from then I don't mind.

Good to see Ratchet there, i agree Raiden shouldn't be there though, i'd much rather see Vamp, Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot, Snake, well pretty much anyone from MGS over him.

WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

I think Evil Cole will still be kinda a waste of a spot so they should just include him as a alternate costume if they are including alternate costumes in the game.

ado9082097d ago

What? are you an idiot? In a game like this Raiden sounds better than Solid Snake. He can flip and fight with his electric sword. Also the update shows it's evil nathan Hale not evil cole. You don't even know if it's the old dante and it most likely is.

ginsunuva2097d ago

Yeah if you think about it, Snake is cool, but what moves would he have exactly? His ssb moveset was lame.

Nimblest-Assassin2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

They think its Nathan Hale, not evil

I liked Raiden in mgs2, hell its probably MGS4 raiden

You know... freaking cyborg ninja?

Hopefully regular dante, not the new one... it might be a skin

I turned on my PS3 after 2 weeks of not touching it, and I find an LBP karting beta

Its fun... but if I got this beta... I would be exstatic

Whitefeather2097d ago

The picture there is MGRising Raiden, he even has the bandanna on his eye. He could probably have an MGS4 skin if he is in the game.

-Alpha2097d ago

It's evil cole. He plays very differently.

OllieBoy2097d ago

David Hayter has done voice work already. Snake will be in this, so chill the hell out.

Jamzluminati2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

YES! RAIDEN! All I wanted. And it is obvious Snake will be in the game. He's Sony's biggest mascot. Hell,I just wonder how will a car from GT fit in this? Will it be a transformer? And yes that is Sir from Medi.

FACTUAL evidence2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I don't know if people would agree, but they need to have young jack, and future jack as 2 different characters.

Also, all the third party characters is making this not seem so special to me for some reason.....feels like i can get this experience playing one of those cross over games like sfXTK, or marvel vs capcom....please stop with the third party characters and add Sony exclusive owned characters...

I know the third party people they're choosing are awesome, but cmon! Bigdaddy for an example....they could of really just gave us crash bandicoot if they wanted third party. Big daddy has no place in this game, he's awesome but the game didn't even start on a sony product......

EDIT: I see sack boy! yaaay!

ShoryuSwordsman2096d ago

To be fair, DMC 1-3 were all ps2 exclusive, they didnt go multi until nero popped up. And MGS is widely associated by most as a sony exclusive franchise, despite its nintendo releases. So essentially they are "Sony All-Stars"

RyuX192097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


RyuX192097d ago

I agree with you about Dante, but not Raiden. If you get a bunch of negative comments it is because of Raiden comment.

LordAtrocity2096d ago

Wtf is matter with Ninja Raiden. Also they plan to add characters from the same game, so any standout enemies or characters in the game would probably mean Snake and either Liquid Ocelot, so he has Liquids CQC and Ocelot's shooting ability, like ricochet, or maybe vamp. Evil Cole will prob be an alt skin, and why does everyone have a boner for the older Dante, I liked DMC and all and it would be good to switch from old to new Dante as a skin. As much as I love FF and would love Cloud and Sephiroth to be in it, it might not happen.


nope, it's going to be the best character out of them all CHUCK......................... ............................... ............................... ..........................TESTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GribbleGrunger2096d ago

I thought the whole point of the game was to pick your favourite character? Don't people do that in other fighters? So complaining about characters you don't like is redundant. Pick the one you do like and kick the crap out of the character you don't! Good motivation... no?

CryofSilence2096d ago

Oh! The "Medievil" guy is there! (bottom left corner)

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smashcrashbash2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Wait. I saw everyone else. But where did you guys see Dante? I squinted as hard as I could and I didn't see him. And I don't think that is Evil Cole by the way. I think it is Chimera Nathan Hale. Since the Hedgehog grenade is already in the game it would make sense. And since we have already seen Ape Escape and Ratchet stages Spike and Ratchet make sense too.

@ MikeCosgrove. Yeah what is wrong with having Raiden? Besides Sony and Superbot aren't the ones calling the shots in some cases. If they only want to give us Raiden and not Snake there is nothing they can really do about it. You can't force them to give us Snake. What does it matter as long as Raiden is a good fighter in the game?

user54670072097d ago

It dosen't matter if they are a good fighter, most old characters selected for the game are mainly for gamers nostalgia towards certain franchises.

When I think of Metal Gear and Sony I think back to when I played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 and automaticaly think of Solid Snake. What I don't do is think of Raiden...

HarvesterOSarow2097d ago

Most gamers try and put Raiden out of their minds because in MGS2 (his first introduction), he was a little bitch.

There, I said it. Give me The Boss or Big Boss over Raiden.

smashcrashbash2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Well you are not going to like every character in the game. I hated most of the ones Nintendo used in SSB. You can't complain about every thing they choose. Superbot themselves said it they would try their hardest to get the characters they want and have thought about everything that we have, But unfortunately it all depends on the developer what they want them to use and not not use.

They won't just give them Snake or anyone we want just because they asked them to. They may be asking for too much money or the deal may be to only use certain characters from the series or some may just refuse out right.

So don't bring down the whole game because you don't get every character you want. If it is that important to you have many more to choose from. I personally hated when Nintendo filled their roster with things like Ice Climbers and Mr Game and Watch and worst of all Young Link, Link and Toon Link or Sonic that has nothing to do with Nintendo.But I still played the game. So if people can go along with that I think that Superbot should be are forgiven for a few odd or out of place characters or a few repeats like Evil Cole (even though I still think it's Chimera Nathan Hale).

Patriots_Pride2097d ago

Just give it a rest Mike - Sony does not have the say on who they get from Metal Gear and Konami does.

Maybe Nintendo has a deal with Konami where they get Snake since you know Metal Gear started on the NES.

Reverent2097d ago

Honestly I dont see why people complain about Raiden being in this. Maybe because he's got his own game now that people like to hate on? Seriously, guys, go and rewatch the scene where Raiden fights all the Gekkos then takes on Vamp and tell me he wouldn't be awesome in this game.Besides, we need more sword users/less gun users.

HarvesterOSarow2096d ago

I'm by no means complaining that Raiden is in this game. I'm just saying, half the time as soon as somebody mentions Raiden in MGS, my brain instantly says, "are you referring to him when he's terrible, or when he's a bad ass?"

Of course he was sweet in MGS4, and it was a good transition to see where he went from MGS2. Yet his very first introduction to the series was him being a whiny douche. It's sort of hard to forget.

RmanX10002097d ago

I only care if Spike and Ratchet are true, they've honestly define PlayStation for me personally. Spike's moveset could be AMAZING. Also worth noting, you can see a (somewhat) clean shot of the rumored Ape Escape lab stage in the pic :D

theunleashed642097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

one of them looks like sir dan from medievil in the image, holy crap i hope i'm not wrong.

Ravenor2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I hope you aren't wrong.

Relientk772097d ago

I sure hope Sir Dan is in it

That would be awesome

UnitSmiley2097d ago

Fake or real, no Jrpg characters makes me sad :/

Relientk772097d ago

They better have JRPG characters in it