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These 6 PS3 games will make you cry tears of surrender

"PSU.com decided to honour some of the PS3’s toughest games to date; titles that test the patience and sanity of even the most hardcore players." (Call of Duty: World at War, Catherine, Demon's Souls, Killzone 2, PS3, Wipeout HD)

LordMe  +   1128d ago
Add Resonance of Fate and Devil May Cry 4 (Hell or Hell mode) Also, Dead Space 2 on Hardcore mode
Gaming101  +   1128d ago
Hardcore mode wasn't that hard on Dead Space, or at least it should'nt have been, I had tons of health and ammo by the end, it just took the right strategy to get through - the hard part was the cheap insta-kills that are so hard to stay away from sometimes that set you back allllll the way to your last save - so frustrating! I died so many times after playing for 5 hours! So it was more unfair design that made it hard rather than actually challenging enemies.

I never bothered with Devil May Cry or Resonance of Fate, although Max Payne has proven to eb extra difficult on its hardest difficulty, I'm going through on hard on my first playthrough and its nuts! The aiming is too twitchy at times and too sluggish at other times, really hard to adgust it to make it work for you the way perfect aiming in Uncharted 2 (and now 3) does.
badz149  +   1128d ago
personally, I think difficulties shouldn't be considered
Or else many more games will fit inthe list for being frustratingly hard on their hardest setting like World at war with the dreaded grenade spam! That's not frustrating, that's juat plain stupid and lazy design-wise! SOCOM4 is extremely hard on elite too but that's also due to bullet absorbing enemies which just most of the time rush to your covers with their sponge body and not to forget their pin-point shooting accuracy from a mile away with basically any gun in the game!

KZ2 is a good example in the article for being challenging on normal and Wipeout too. Another game worthy of a mention over W@W is Motorstorm PR - It's simply brutal! You're given enough time to familiarize yourself with the vehicles and tracks but at level 7 & 8, the AI are simply crazy hard and brutal! I've given up on taking 100% gold in it long ago but 100% in the 1st game and Apocalyse are very manageble!
joab777  +   1128d ago
Yeah, all my friends ran through killzone 2 and it took me forever. I was having the hardest time. I found out that they were on easy and I had chosen the second hardest difficulty. I figured that u needed to do that to unlock elite but u didn't. It did help though for elite, as ultimately I'm the only one with the platinum. And waw was hard but not as bad as k2. I think Batman's challenge rooms for Atlanta asylum were tough too. The others I havnt played but I'd like to think I could do it. There hasn't been a game I have given up on because of difficulty. I did give up on lost planet 2 platinum...because I wanted to play another game last year, Lol.
360ICE  +   1127d ago
Meh, I think the really hard games are the games that are hard, period. Not the games that if you turn it to very hard mode they'll be hard. But, of course, if they're tailored for harder difficulties, such as MGS4, then that counts in my book.

Didn't like the list, btw.
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StraightPath  +   1127d ago
i dont remember killzone 2 being REALLY difficult. I have platinum..was just same level as Call Of Duty veteran difficulty to me. I just ran through whole game MOSTLY knifing and running was a effective strategy. Only hard part a spent quite a long amount of time was the last part.

Radec boss fight was pretty difficulty. Other then that KZ2 elite was nothing hard.
h311rais3r  +   1128d ago
100% demons souls made me sooooo mad
cr33ping_death  +   1128d ago
ugh World at War on Vet.... every time i was near death and tried to hide i kept getting pelted with grenades forcing me to leave my recovery spot and get finished off by gun fire. but i eventually platinumed the mother f'r :)
spunnups  +   1127d ago
im still stuck on that sniper level, getting head shotted through multiple walls is a little, idk.::IMPOSSIBLE?!?!
cr33ping_death  +   1127d ago
thats nothing compared to some of the later levels, prepare to verbally abuse your t.v lol
Relientk77  +   1127d ago
World at War on Veteran


I died like so many times on the second level
sonicsidewinder  +   1127d ago
Fucking annoying game. All the cod Veteran modes are. I only completed Modern Warfares. I tried (oh how i tried) to do World at War's, but fuck.

I got stuck at, i don't know...the game was shit and unmemorable, that castle, where you have a flame thrower and Jappos come out of trapdoors.

Impossible. There's no where to hide, and like you say, using cover just turns of AI's grenade spam mentality. Shit games.
cr33ping_death  +   1127d ago
lol, yeah thats what i sounded like while playing that level :) i was like f' this game, this game sucks, everything but somehow i beat it. but your frustration is understandable sir.
soliduck  +   1128d ago
I got plat on demon and dark souls, and im not bragging I think to much is made about how tough they are. If u play the game how your supposed to and summon co op help the difficulty is perfect. I think ninja gaiden sigma is the most difficult game ive played this gen. That or the starhawk horde mode. That thing kicked the crap out of me and my friends, even on medium difficulty.
DragonKnight  +   1127d ago
Trying playing them without help then. I beat the game without co-op and only really summoned co-op for invasions. Ninja Gaiden isn't hard so much as poorly designed for the illusion of difficulty. Enemies can get away with stuff they shouldn't be able to, camera SUX, and there are too many restrictions. There are people who make Ninja Gaiden look easy simply because they know how to work around the feigned difficulty.
Omnislash  +   1127d ago
I beat and platinumed Demons Souls and Dark Souls without any help or even touching online. Great games I loved them!
izumo_lee  +   1128d ago
Killzone 2 on elite difficulty was murderous for me. I still have not killed Radec on elite cause of those rocket spamming motherf*ckers. Add to the fact that Rico is useless....yeah not fun at all.

Demon's Souls was hard the first time around but once you understand the enemies it got easier for me personally.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1/2 are only hard on Master Ninja difficulty. That mode is almost simply unfair. Add the challenge modes in Master Ninja it is almost impossible.

@ LordMe

I found Resonance of Fate to be pretty easy. There is a method in dealing with the harder enemies. It helps to upgrade your weapon with the right add-ons to maximize damage. I usually have 1 guy dealing armor damage & the other 2 to take out the life bars.
badz149  +   1128d ago
Rico is useless
Even on normal difficulty! Die too damn easily for an elite soldier leading an army for a mission on a poisonous enemy planet! He's simply incompetent overall! What was the ISA thinking when they hire that clown?

It would have been much better if they let coop gameplay instead of stupid AI like Rico. I think it's the biggest missed opportunity of arguably among the best FPS this gen!
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Knushwood Butt  +   1128d ago
Yeah, I've yet to beat that last section too, and have tried many times. There's no doubt that it's rock hard, and Rico being useless makes it frustrating too.
NeoTribe  +   1127d ago
Dude I hear u on the radec fight on elite. Took me forever to kill all his rocket goons. Finally me and radec are face to face, I'm beating his monkey ass up until I somehow blew myself up trying to finish him off with an explosive. I fired it right in front of a lamp or some stupid shit and blew myself up... I wanted to cry.... gave up after that.
Ultr  +   1127d ago
oooh K2 elite is so much fun, had hard time with radec but beat the shit out of him! there are some good tactic tips on the internet! look them up!
Dark_Overlord  +   1127d ago
Rico was very useful in the last fight with Radec, him dying let me know they were attacking from behind too :D
Azmatik  +   1127d ago
KZ2 was aparently hard not for me though i honestly cant remember a game i played that was impossible oooo wit i think it was Bioshock i tryd platin it and its not happening beat the game on survivor difficulty WITHOUT saving LOL and the remake to MoH: Frontline i duno about u guy but just the first mission was hard as hell!!!!
Hellsvacancy  +   1128d ago
Warhammer 40k (on Hard), its such a punishing game, im getting there though
ado908  +   1128d ago
I am proud to say I have beaten all these games and with good inventory and progress too =] well except Catherine I never played it. I thought God of war 3 on Chaos mode was one of the hardest thing I experienced but it was all about timing.
harrisk954  +   1127d ago
I just bought Catherine from PSN... it's on sale for $20. It is an amazing game and I am having a blast with it... but, man oh man, are the puzzles tough!!! I had to change the settings to "Easy" to get through them (on the early stages!), and it is STILL hard!!

But, I totally recommend this game, especially while it is on sale!
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ado908  +   1126d ago
ordered it already on amazon for the 360
kevnb  +   1128d ago
i think they suck at fps games...
Imalwaysright  +   1128d ago
MGS 4 bike sequence trying to get the big boss emblem. That was painful and my controller almost didnt make it through!
StayStatic  +   1128d ago
Was I the only one that nearly raged at the fury boss in MSG3 HD ? , he cheats I swear lol

Enventually went to the back of the area after 2 sniper shots and popped him twice there , so much easier lol.
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OldSnakePS3  +   1128d ago
Demon's Souls & Dark Souls aka my favorite games this gen
Der_Kommandant  +   1127d ago
Max Payne 3 on hardcore almost made me cry
Sizzon  +   1127d ago
Oh yes Killzone 2 on Elite, still gotta finish it on Elite, it's such a challenge! :)
isarai  +   1127d ago
Those aren't tears of surrender on my cheeks, they're tears off joy for finally finding a game that's actually a challenge this gen. not CoD though
Xenomorph  +   1127d ago
I've beaten Demons Souls and KZ2 on Elite. Very challenging. Killzone 2 right before Radec is also a huge pain. You can't make any mistakes, your AI partner sucks, and they start shooting rockets from an area you can't even access. Super ridiculous you need to know where they spawn to even survive!
interrergator  +   1127d ago
spamming rockets
GTRrocker666  +   1127d ago
Killzone 2 on elite is no joke. You seriously get raped in that if you aren't always behind cover.
Pieface08  +   1127d ago
Both Batman games on hard mode is torture.
interrergator  +   1127d ago
demons souls false king allant was ridiculous
DragonKnight  +   1127d ago
And Flamelurker. I don't know why all these people think the Maneater's were so hard. They were pathetically easy. But Flamelurker and False King Allant were the only really aggressive bosses in the game.

It's the same with the 4 Kings. Everyone says they are too hard and I'm like "what the hell are you talking about?" The 4 Kings fall to relentless attacking and the quicker you are the better chance you have at taking them out before getting surrounded by them all.
interrergator  +   1126d ago
isnt the 4 kings dark souls?

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