Wii U Launch Predictions: A $299 Price Tag, Black Friday Release Date, 21 Games

Nintendo will reveal every single detail about the Wii U launch in either August or September, but we thought it would be fun to predict everything about the Wii U launch right now. From the price and release date to all of the launch titles, we cover it all.

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BringingTheThunder2126d ago

under $400 and i'll be getting one

Morrigan-Aensland2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

It's quite ridiculous to be making prediction about a system launching this year. People have to be guessing pricing, specs, and games due to be launching on this console. Anyway, to each his own, I already own a Xbox and ps3 so ill pass on this hype train. I'll wait for ps4

King of Wii fanboys here. I'll wait for the underlings

MostJadedGamer2126d ago

I think Nintendo is really having to rush to get the system out this year. Thats why theres been so few details.

Early adopters should be very cautious. Remember in 2005 when MS really rushed to get there system out, and there was a ton of problems with the hardware.

StraightedgeSES2126d ago

@Morrigan-Aensland it's funny how you talk about fanboys when you come on Nintendo articles and praise Sony

Morrigan-Aensland2126d ago

I don't praise Sony, I praise quality. I'm also a fangirl of quality. If your not a fan of quality then you might be a fan of rubbish.

rolandfurious2126d ago

Well said, MostJadedGamer. There will always be the day-one buyers, but I feel most people should be wary before making a big purchase like this, especially if Nintendo is going to rush it out. For myself, though the console looks very promising, I'll be waiting a bit to see how it performs in the market.

Rockoman162126d ago

"It's quite ridiculous to be making prediction about a system launching this year"

Aaaaand i farted

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WeskerChildReborned2126d ago

Same here, hopefully we get a release date soon though.

guitarded772126d ago

Under $400 I may get one... I really want the $300 price point though because by the time you buy an the pro controller and a couple games, you're already at $400. I also need wands and navis since I sold my Wii, so add another $75. I plan to spend about $500 on launch day, and a $400 Wii U will limit the number of accessories and games I can get. $300 is the sweet spot.

MostJadedGamer2126d ago

I don't care if it was under $100 I would still wouldn't be getting one.

rolandfurious2126d ago

What if it was free? Would you accept it then?


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GamePodunk2126d ago

I think that's pretty spot-on.

There's almost no way Nintendo can sell it above $300 and I think they realize that as well.

TrendyGamers2126d ago

Yeah, they've said they didn't want to make the 3DS mistake again, so a $300 Wii U makes sense.

stuna12126d ago

But the difference with that statement is we're talking a home console versus a handheld! People in general would be crazy to think there would only be a $50 difference in the two launch price! I really believe the WiiU launch price will true fully somewhere around $350 to $400 for starters.

Even though the 3ds had a price drop it still had the potential to sell for more than what they drop the price down too, what I!m saying is that it probably still would have sold well even at a price of $200

yabhero2126d ago

The could get away with anything under 350... It's is the first next console after all

Dlacy13g2126d ago

I believe the $299 price but no way do they release Black Friday. They will release 1 to 2 weeks prior ... releasing Black Friday could be a disaster given both MS and Sony will surely have some insane pricing bundles/deals going that day and all Nintendo will have is... the WiiU as standard cost. There wont be any Black Friday deals for the WiiU since it will have just launched... Just dont see it happening

MasterCornholio2126d ago

Knowing how Nintendo loves having a hefty profit margin, 300€ seems a bit low to me. Im predicting a 400€ launch price for the Wii U.


Farsendor12126d ago

you really think wiiu is going to have such modern technology that it needs to be at 400$ to make nintendo a profit?

yabhero2126d ago

Actually it could have modern tech more powerfully than PS3 and 360 by a 3-4 times and sell at 329.

ChunkyLover532126d ago

It'll be $299, but it will release earlier in November. Wii U is going to be the most sought after present this year. I fully expect people buying them and selling them on Ebay for like $1000-$1500 just like the original Wii.

Jadedz2126d ago

If Nintendo can entice the Tablet market (lets assume they're casual gamers), then the Wii U will have a very successful launch.

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