Tekken Producer Says People Are Focussing Too Much On Wii U Specs

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada is under the impression that people are too busy discussing the raw technical power of Wii U, rather than the system’s unique capabilities.

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Abash2031d ago

Well, Wii U is suppose to be a next gen console, how are specs not going to be a main focus?

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Morrigan-Aensland2031d ago

This matey is right, there is too much focus on Wii us specs. Hopefully they release the next tekken for the Sega genesis

Shok2031d ago

Specs were never the main focus during the pre-PS2 days.........I wonder why..........

Funny how NOW all the sudden it's all about teh specz.

Xperia_ion2031d ago

It's both sides talking about graphics. You call the Wii U weak you get yelled at, you call the Wii U next gen and powerful its all good. I'm playing the wait and see game. You even said it, it's not the most powerful who wins, is the Wii U destined to fail ? I doubt it. You cant put this old dog down.

ShinFuYux2031d ago

Who said it wasn't? I remember how people always debated PS2 vs Xbox in forums. Sure, Xbox had better specs but before it came out, the PS2 was the king in the market, it killed the Dreamcast and then pooped on it for shits and giggles.

Machioto2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

@shok That's because not alot of people had as much access to the internet as they do now,there are tech demos of the ps2 on you tube,I why people are focusing so much on the specs are,reports saying it's at par with current gen,Nintendo either making inconsistent remarks or letting gaming journalist twist their word,they should've just said "we'er better than current gen".

gaffyh2031d ago

Specs were always the focus, I remember back in the Sega Master System/SNES days talking about how many "bits" a console had, and then how crazy it was that PS1 was 32-bit.

Qrphe2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Graphics had ALWAYS been a focus to talk about regarding consoles ever since the Atari 2600 days if not earlier.

Shok2031d ago

I love how I said "during the pre-PS2 days", and then everyone starts talking about the blast-processing and bits from the Genesis days lol xD.

Point is, specs didn't matter for the Sony fans during the PS2 and even PS1 days for that matter. But then, when Sony finally makes the strongest console, now specs are everything.

You guys knew what I was saying lol.

jetlian2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

shok whats pre mean fool?! pre ps2 is anytime before ps2 lol and it doesnt matter when as far as gaming goes. Specs have always been a focus in gaming.

even now sony isnt the strongest.

Shok2031d ago


By pre I meant during the period of time before the PS2's launch, or more generally, right before the 6th gen launched.

I understand how you would think I was saying anytime before that though, I did kinda word that the wrong way lol. But yea I meant at the start of the 6th gen.

StraightedgeSES2031d ago

@shok is right specs didn't matter back in the pre ps2 era. The console wars back then people fought about which company had the best games not the specs.

Outside_ofthe_Box2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

The Wii-PS3 difference that's why. I know the games coming out now for the Wii U aren't indicative of it's true power, but what is shown shows that Wii U is barely over this gen just as people believe the Wii is barely over last gen. So people see this and are expecting the Wii U-PS4 difference to be the same as Wii-PS3.

You're right about the specs not mattering though. It's all about teh gamez, but what games does the Wii U have currently that will make a Sony fan want the Wii U? I have no doubt that the Wii U will have great software in the future. I guess people are eager for specs so that they can buy the system based off the great games that can be possibly be produced with high specs lol? Or maybe they just want endurance that the Wii U will indeed be on par or at very close to the other consoles next gen? I really don't know, but I'm certain people will buy the Wii U as long as it has good games whether or not if it is significantly weaker than the other consoles or not.

joeorc2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

"It's both sides talking about graphics. You call the Wii U weak you get yelled at, you call the Wii U next gen and powerful its all good. I'm playing the wait and see game. You even said it, it's not the most powerful who wins, is the Wii U destined to fail ? I doubt it. You cant put this old dog down."

exactly 100%

it seem's many are missing the freaking point, just look at the recent Nintendo 3DS launch.

Nintendo launched the 3DS and asked $250.00 for their system, that Had only 6 MB of VRram! now pretty much every other handheld device has more VRram than that, even the PSVita has 128MB of dedicated VRram. Not saying the Nintendo 3DS does not have great games or anything like that, but the point many are making is some gamer's like myself will wait to see what my Money is really buying.

both Sony , Microsoft and pretty much every company that has PC's, Hand helds like smartphones and Tablets give the system full spec's when they post info about their devices. and the info is quite a bit more info about their product, than with what Nintendo gives about the product's they release.

Its not about boasting about the Hardware it's about giving more info about your product.

just because some PR guy spouts off about the hardware "every company does that anyway", does not mean it negates the fact they are being upfront with the consumer with what you are buying with your money.

that's why i many times wait on buying a Nintendo product, not that Nintendo does not make some good hardware, or the fact they make some fantastic games, i would like to know what kinda money im going to spend on their hardware and depending on that i may wait because I think i would be paying too much for it off the bat and i would wait for a price drop before i buy it.

Now that's just me, but i do that with any thing i buy.

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user54670072031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Why are people dismissing specs of a next gen console all of a sudden because it's Nintendo. I'm not saying hate on it and join in on the doom and gloom but come on. Things like

"It dosen't matter"


"Specs shouldn't be the main focus"

Are you guys kidding me come on, don't think that your being Mr Negative by pretending to say it's not about specs, like your afraid to show anything negative about it because it is about specs. It's a next gen console the best thing about when a new console is revealed is what it can do and how far games and the tec can be pushed.

If people saw something as amazing as Uncharted 2 when the PS3 was revealed do you think people who just dismiss specs. Your jaw would be on the floor, you be interested in them because you would be thinking at the time

"No way is that real way, Sony is lying, show us the specs Sony"

The problem is that too much time in focusing on the controler like it's some Wii add on.

Disagree but you know I'm right, when a console is announced the best thing is knowing how much this console will change gaming when it comes out...

LOL_WUT2031d ago

Well said +bub

Thats the problem with the Nintendo faithfuls on here they try to act like specs don't matter to them. Yet they go around posting fake specs or you see them in one of those rumored specs articles.

Knushwood Butt2031d ago

So true. The die hard Nintendo followers contradict themselves just to suit the case in hand.

Wii - graphics don't matter, because gameplay > graphics (convenient, as the Wii is an extremely under-powered piece of kit). All you need is fun.

Wii U - the next gen is here! Wii U is definitely more powerful than the 360/PS3 !! Oh, but fun is important too..

3DS? Vita already has it beaten hands down in the specs department, so fall back to the gameplay > graphics argument.

Puddlejumper752031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

LOL_Wat, Since you seem to be able to read dribble why not translate that mess for the rest of us.I didnt see one single coherent sentence in his entire post.

Seriously the dude asks why people dont care about specs and you think that deserves a bubble? Must just be because he is hating Nitnendo because nothing he said made any real sense or added to the discussion in any way,.

Most of the people worried about Specs are 10-14 year old first gen gamers who are clueless to how generations actually work. Judging by his incoherent rambling I'd sayhe fits in that age group.

Funny how Sony fanboys like you guys went form Power is all that matters to " Its all about the game play.
Funny the highest rated exclusive this gen was on the Wii not the PS3. That is proof enough that power doesnt matter. If anything Nintendo fans are just tired of your fanboy rants bout power and bring it up in hopes of shutting you up for once but in true fanboy fashion rather than accept facts and move on with life you suddenly change the argument just to have something to cry about.

Salamander2031d ago

"Disagree but you know I'm right, when a console is announced the best thing is knowing how much this console will change gaming when it comes out..."

You must mean change "Graphics" not "Gaming", i think you too casually dismiss the potential of the gamepads influence to change "Gaming" or to evolve it.

I agree graphics are very improtant, but i would be lying if i said that i understood spec talk. But remember games arent remembered coz of their awesome graphics. YES, Power is improtant... but Gameplay is immortal.

Thats the problem with YOU on here, you act as if specs matter to you(face it you have as much clue as i do, no doubt after reading this you will go and research it). Yet you go around posting trolling comments on all Nintendo articles. Pull your head in.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2031d ago

console gamers are not supposed to worry about specs.. That is why consoles are made.

FinalomegaS2031d ago

They are pc fanboys deep down *chuckles*

Knushwood Butt2031d ago

Yeah, and if people are not focusing on specs, what exactly are they supposed to be focusing on? I still don't see the point of this hardware.

Puddlejumper752031d ago

My god the answer to that is so simple its almost pathetic that you had to ask. The GAMES kid THE GAMES.

Sony never released full specs for the PS3 yet it didnt stop you frombuying it. What did you focus on with it the color sxcheme? no the games

Salamander2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Umm how boutz focusing on...... wait for it.... drumroll please.... GAMES! YAY!... puddle beat me too it.

Knushwood Butt2031d ago

Well, I agree with you both, but if that's the case, I don't think Nintendo are doing a good job of promoting them.

Remind me what the launch lineup is again please.

_-EDMIX-_2030d ago

The Wii U, is next gen by timing of its release and by name only.

The Wii U is as next gen as the Wii was current gen. BY NAME ONLY!

The Wii didn't get Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, GTAIV, Max Payne, BF3 etc.

Why? It NEXT GEN! Because its tech WASN'T!

Its nice for people to want things, but history will show you, theses specs really mean NOTHING in terms of 3rd party development. There will be no main ips on the Wii U that are going to be on the PS4 and 720.

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wishingW3L2031d ago

of-course because who wants to pay $300 for what will essentially be an Xbox 360 with a tablet with buttons?

PopRocks3592031d ago

The 360 can run Unreal Engine 4? Can run Nintendo games in HD? Has Assassin's Creed and Batman Arkham City running at 1080p?

Also, I fail to see how it can only be a 360 when it can run gameplay on both the TV and two screens (albeit at a lower framerate on the controller screens) at the same time.

This must be the era when Power7 based processors suddenly became the cheap models.

DarkHeroZX2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Neither one of those games where promised to be in HD lol. And unreal 4 can be ran on most devices even the itouch, that was already confirmed.

And not everyone likes Nintendo, Sony, and MS exclusives many average gamers are on that third party grind.

WeskerChildReborned2031d ago

Exactly, the system is pretty powerful if you look at what it's able to do.

Lovable2031d ago

Yeah and keep playing an outdated console while they're charging you high price for it....

Treian2031d ago

yes. But better graphics means longer games, more advanced ai, bigger worlds, more dynamic events...etc.

DylnCox2031d ago

Better graphics has nothing to with any of those things...

Treian2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

yes it does. better hardware=better graphics and the points mentioned above

_-EDMIX-_2030d ago

Did you ever stop to think...who will be making these amazing games?

3rd party publishers. I question, if they didn't port to Wii....why port to Wii U?

From PS4 and 720 of course.

ThePsychoGamer2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I agree, gamers should be focusing on real issues like letting Nintendo know that the do not want the pointless restriction like region locking. Not asking for information that really doesn't mater. Power doesn't dictate the number of enjoyable game on a system, so I don't see what's mater if the WiiU is only as powerful as the 360, or twice as powerful as the PS3.

Break the locks.

Godmars2902031d ago

And all I'm thinking is this coming from a rep for a company that took years to get out Tekken 6(?) promising a new level of graphics, only to produce something on the same level of Tekken 3.

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