The Problem with Fanboys

TPG - Fanboys, by definition in the video game industry, are the raving and rampant champions of their preferred system. Usually fanboys take up allegiance to a certain console and will not only buy pretty much anything that comes out for the system, but champion it across the battlefield of every major forum on the video game website front. They are the first line of defense against any game exclusively coming to one system or the other, and will usually show up in news posts to deride or defend the game; most of the time one that the world hasn’t even played yet. Logic is usually their worst enemy and they will attack you simply for owning a different system, not only insulting your system, but indeed your very way of life. Fanboys are a mean and nasty virus of contempt for anything they don’t own that are holding back the gaming community.

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antbolton892059d ago

It's all quite ridiculous, why dont people just buy the console or consoles they want and shut up

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WeskerChildReborned2058d ago

Because fanboys think they need to show dominance over the other console fans.

I personally like all consoles equally and they all have their pros and cons.

kikizoo2058d ago

Then, you are a fanboy, since systems and library are not equals ;)

by the way, worst fanboys this gens are not only defending their system of choice, but they are big haters for others systems, always domwplaying best games, best accessories and inovation, lying like kotaku donkeys..

CaJuaLFeatPuFF2058d ago

PS3 dont have a con.
Xbox does . lack of exclusive that are good

Wii is good. lmao

Xbox just suck asss. not being bias or anything .

WeskerChildReborned2058d ago

@Cajual, You can't really say PS3 has no cons when one of their cons if the online service though i don't really mind. I mean it's free after all.

liquidhalos2058d ago

Thats quite true, i dont give a damn what console other people use, just so long as they have fun.

I dont think i can say the same for the chap who wrote the article. According to him, Fanboys come from the cheaper system which as we all know, is the 360. To me the following quote from his article screams IM A FANBOY!!!! This story is a load of old toss, its about as impartial as herpes.

"The biggest factor usually is that the person chooses a system at the start of the generation, cannot afford the others, and so to make themselves feel better about their purchase set out to tear everyone else down."

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NastyLeftHook02058d ago

Exactly, People need to respect other peoples opinions.

Back to the most awarded game in history...uncharted 2 :3

_Aarix_2058d ago

what is your problem? Do you have an erection wearing a sony uniform in tight playstation 3 shorts. I don't know why you feel the need to be a douche but the fact you have 3 bubbles tells me the community and the moderators are biased to the end

oh and uncharted got awards for its cinematic experience XD its a POS as a game.

Shepherd 2142058d ago


Not sure if serious..

Nes_Daze2058d ago

@Aarix, talks about mods being unfair for tenton haviing 3 bubbles, meanwhile he calls Uncharted a POS game and has 1 bubble.

Laika2058d ago

lol uncharted is POS as a game?????? stop trolling that is not true in the least and you know it.

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2v12058d ago

the real problem is when fanboys own a website and make all kind of stuff up

KillerPwned2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )


Then we just gotta get rid of articles that promote fanboys. The fanboy crap is just some childish fad that needs to go away but wont it never will. Its not only in games of course but all kinds of entertainment ect..

In gaming as of now though I honestly rarely ever hear anything relating to such a person being a fanboy so it does not bother me anymore really. I have no doubt though when the next generation of consoles come out its gonna start all over on here.

burgerman2058d ago

Agreed. Xbox is for repetitive shooters and Kinect while PS3 is for new and exclusive IPs. Why does a casual market and core market get this hostile?

burgerman2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

You're in denial if you disagree. Look at the first comment on this page.

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burgerman2057d ago

If the shoe was on the other foot I would be saying the opposite. You cannot deny fact.

I'm sick of shooters. I bought 360 because of Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake because they weren't the same old grey and brown shooters. Shooters have become so mainstream that they're casual.

I could say positive and negative things about both systems but mostly care about the games.

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burgerman2057d ago

Casual. CASUAL. Yes I had to introduce my opinion to show you few and far exclusives to this dead system.

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avengers19782058d ago

As a sony fan... My love for there products gets me to go out and buy things like move(highly disappointing) day one... or pick up the vita day one... or buy most of there exclusive games(uncharted, killzone, LBP, MNR, Resistance, infamous, heavy rain, etc, etc)
I enjoy a good argument with the xbox fans or nintendo fans, even PC fans... its a fun distraction from real problems, and I never fell like its anything more than a fun little discussion.
Generally us fanboys are the ones going out and grabbing these things day one and buying more, so whatever company they support wins from there loyalty


the real problem is who has the bigger dick ? since that comes after " The( console of choice ) is better than ( console of choice )"

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Nitrowolf22059d ago

“Because every gamer is a true gamer: motion gamers, sitting gamers, everyone. And though we may pledge fanboy allegiances to different flags, deep down inside we all serve one master, one king and His name is Gaming." - Kevin Butler

For the Win!!

solidjun52058d ago

Comment of the story! +1

dubt722058d ago

That's right, Kevin. Go Xbox!!!

solidjun52057d ago

"That's right, Kevin. Go Xbox!!!"
Not surprised you would say that.

Jazz41082058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

I have to give kevin butler a lot of respect for that very unbiased quote. In the end we are gamers to the core and the system or systems we play them on are just that systems as the games do the talking and there is more than enough great games on all 3 consoles that no one should be feeling superior to someone else for there gaming preference.

xyxzor2059d ago

Can anyone agree that this issue might be getting a little bit better? It seemed a lot worse in 2008-2009, maybe that's wishful thinking though.

MaximusPrime2058d ago

I agree. Since I joined n4g, fanboys were out of control. That's before PS3 launched back in 2006.

It gradually cools down about 2 years ago. There are still fanboys about.

LOGICWINS2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

In the outside world, the fanboy issue is virtually non-existant nowadays. There was plenty of PS3 hate in 06'..but that was due to the $600 price tag, not the PS3(or Sony) itself.

I've mentioned on N4G a couple times how the cashier tried to discourage me from buying a PS3 WAAAY back in 07', telling me "Are u sure? The 360 is WAAAY better."

Then I said, "Okaaay" Guess she didn't like the fact that I had the disposable income to spend $500 on a gaming console. Haters love ta hate ;)

Now that the PS3 and 360 are affordable and have half a decade worth of games, no one in the outside world really cares anymore.

On the Internet(N4G in particular), we all know its a much different story. I don't want to say N4G is all bad, it really isn't. The problem is that a large chunk of the community have the SAME thoughts and feelings...thus leading to one-sided debates. Without a doubt, some people here ARE crazier than others..but sane people DO exist here.

If I had to pick the worst community on the Internet, I'd still have to be Youtube hands down. It makes N4G look like a utopia.

TekoIie2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Yeh fanboys/girls of EVERYTHING can be found on Youtube. It's because everyone with internet access knows about youtube and so you get the most immature people and younger people (11-14) who believe they know what they're talking about to its entirety.

Just want to say that these 11-14yo are not stupid (as we all love to say they are), just very naive and arrogant...

BelieveinGhosts2058d ago

I believe Yahoo is just as bad as youtube to be honest. It seems yahoo shares the same users as youtube

hennessey862058d ago

on sites like this, I own both a PS3 and 360 and when I say anything negative about either of them you get the hardcore fans attacking you hence the one bubble

Anon19742058d ago

I agree. And I agree with this article. The problem isn't with fanboys in general. I don't care if you love the 360, Wii, PS3, Mario, Final Fantasy, etc. I don't have an issue if you want to geek out about the merits of your particular gaming preference. More power to you.

What I can't stand is those that somehow feel anyone that doesn't see eye to eye with their particular gaming preference is someone who should be attacked and they just cannot, for a second, entertain someone else's opinion. The close-mindedness and the bitterness from a handful really do ruin it for the rest of us gamers who just want to talk about their hobby.

Puddlejumper752058d ago

That's funny coming from the biggest Nintendo troll on this site.

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Kran2058d ago

Same here. It's like no one has heard of free of speech.

Jadedz2058d ago

People who champion a gaming company like they're the only ones that matters, turn me off of buying anything related product-wise from that company.

wishingW3L2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

then I think you don't own any current gen consoles, right? Because it doesn't matter if they are Nintendo fanboys or Xbox fanboys they all are the same, that's why we call them fanboys. And this is without mentioning the annoying PC elitists, in this case you have nowhere to go! Every console has more or less the same amount of fanboys, it just depends on the site you're on. On Eurogamer is mostly Xbox fanboys, N4G is PS3, Gamespot are the PC elitists....

Jadedz2058d ago

To a specific gaming company, as if they joined some religious group (which could be any of the Big 3, though some are louder than others).

My apologies -_-

Puddlejumper752058d ago

I agree. I was a big Sony gamer til this gen and when I saw the level of hate and ignorance coming from that side of the gaming community it completely turned me off from ever owning a Sony product because I in no way wanted to be associated with that group.

Jadedz2058d ago

But I appreciate that you got the point I was making :P.