PC Gaming Made Up 14% of 2007 Sales

Is PC gaming dead? Of course not, but that doesn't mean there aren't increasingly worrying signs that the market could be in need of drastic changes in the way games are made and distributed. The latest indicator comes from some sobering NPD numbers (via Shacknews), showing that of the $18.85 billion dollars (267.8 million units in total) in North American games sales in 2007, only $910.7 million (36.4 million units) came from PC games -- just about 14%. That's compared with $6.6 billion (153.9 million units) from consoles, and $2 billion (77.5 million units) from portables.

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Winter47th3707d ago

Not dead, but slowly is.

JsonHenry3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

PC gaming is not dead. This sales figure takes into account all the mobile and set top consoles sales figures. And did not take into account digital sales (where I personally have bought most of my games online).

Also - it does not take the fortune it takes for R&D for the average game on a console. (typically)

But go start up a steam client or Command and Conquer online or WoW and see that PC gaming is NOT dead. Not even close.

** EDIT - when StarCraft 2 launches this year you will see why PC gaming is not dead.

BrianC62343707d ago

This doesn't surprise me at all. First, look in most stores that sell games. Most don't have much of a PC selection. I've gone to Best Buy to buy a PC game recently and they didn't have any copies of the game I wanted.

Another reason I'm not surprised is to play PC games at the higher settings you have to upgrade every year or two. Sure you can play the games on older equipment but it won't be that good.

I got tired of the endless pit that is PC gaming. The PS3 is a much better deal now. Or if you want a 360 that is too. Both are way better than the PC. Unless you like those PC games that just don't work on consoles.

Winter47th3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

So is removing the feature to not being able to delete double posts dammit.

Iamback3707d ago

Those 17% are all thanks to WOW, real sale percentage without counting WOW is most likely even smaller.
PC gaming is dieing and that is a fact.

Relcom3707d ago

And 90% of the 14% is WoW

funkeystu3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Nice stats Relcom - pity they dont match up with the article you're commenting on.

theox2g73707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

yea it's very smart to say pc gaming is dying when shelf sales are declining and you completely ignore online distribution which would maybe form a huge chunk of sales but who cares if pc gamers are shifting to digital because of familiarity with piracy and downloads and that it's faster and more reliable than owning a hard copy, steam is a billion dollar company, d2drive are also very huge now and every publisher has a download store but that doesn't really matter since NPD do not add online distribution, also who cares about the fact that it has been this way for years that pc sales never hold a candle to console sales cos u have several other consoles versus one pc platform and based on that people had been reiterating the same old cliche pc gaming is dead completely forgetting that development cost for pc games is almost neglible when compared to consoles especially with multiplats, so profit threshold level is very low that's why former console exclusives like guitar hero, lost planet, gears, dmc, onimushua, turok are coming to pc and even though they sell like sh1t on pc compared to console counterparts, they still make profits, yea pc sales are supposed to be more than console sales because there are more pcs right? oh wait how many gaming pcs are there compared to console units? has pc sales always been niche compared to consoles from the days of super mario on famicom? 17% with ps2, ds, psp, ps3, xbox360, xbox, gamecube, wii and mobile phones is a very bad number though, isn't it? it's supposed to 100% for pc gaming to not be dying with all these consoles and portables bundled up as one? oh well that was just a thought, pc gaming is dying because NPD that only takes US (the only place in the world for pc gamers) is indicating it and xbox 360 is dead because only sales in japan are poor and i'm really smart. /sarcasm

newneto3707d ago

I want to see more on line distribution at the PSN.

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