SSBB Shipping With Showstopper Bug?

Japanese game site ORE-N0-WEB 3rd i floats the rumor that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is shipping with a showstopping bug. Before we dive in, a bit about that site: It's run by someone who claims to a gaming insider (perhaps a game shop owner). The site mentions that Japanese retailers are getting notices that SSBB is shipping with a minor bug that displays an error message that the game cannot be booted.

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Blank10173770d ago

I call Shenanigans. one random site with no credibility?

PS360WII3770d ago

Me too, plus Nintendo isn't afraid to delay it again.

Relcom3770d ago

They have never been ones to make buggie games. Glitches yes bugs no

Wii60PS3DSPSP3770d ago

Way to leave out this part. "This bug is triggered by a SSBB software update. This bug doesn't actually affect the game, which can still be played normally if the bug is ignored."

desolationstorm3770d ago

Could this be the reason for the slight delay in japan? Who knows but like people said I trust Nintendo they have never been bad about this stuff.

CH-OutbreaK3770d ago

Hopefully it comes out fine and this rumor is debunked

PS360WII3770d ago

Most likely it is just a bad rumor, even if it isn't the bug is only a text screen the game is still playable if you ignore the error message...

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