120GB PS3: "rumour and speculation" says Sony

CVG writes:

"Several "anonymous sources" have this weekend emerged from the woodwork to spread news of the 80GB PS3 being pushed aside to make giving way to a new larger SKU.

Stories suggest that the 80GB SKU currently on sale in US is due for the chop, with a 120GB version set to replace it.

This would go hand-in-hand with a previous statement from SCEE president and CEO, who hinted last year that a 120GB PS3 could be possible."

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monks3736d ago

i hope they keep a sku on the market that still offers backwards conpatability

with the 60-80 on there way out that leaves the 40g which in the future will be to small with playtv etc

i know you can upgrade the hard drive to like over 300g but some people will have no idea how todo this

Capt CHAOS3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

If a company takes an 80gb machine out of service, surely it's to make room for a larger capacity one.

Why company on earth would shrink disk space capacity???

btw: That was my disagree in error. Yes, you're right, most people wouldn't know or want to open up their ps3. And yes, they should bring back backward compatibility..

THE_JUDGE3736d ago

a bigger Hd and DS3 to their next iteration. If Sony was bold, they'd throw in full backwards comp also, it will have emulation of some at the very least.

TheExecutive3736d ago

put 120 gb ps3 w/backward compatibility and ds3 in at 449 and drop the 20 gig to 299. they will both sell well. Plus you can drop the 120 gb another 50 bucks when MGS comes out.

coolfool3736d ago

To have the b/c with the dual shock would be the best combo and then I might actually get round to buying the ps3.

the 40gb sku should stay exactly like it is (apart from the price drop) because it would appeal to the slightly more casual gamer. Then you would have the 120gb sku for the more discerning gamer.

I completely agree, they would both sell well.

Premonition3736d ago

You mean 40gig, and also if they can afford to drop the 40gig price to 299 i dont see why they cant do 399 for the 120GB.

I Call 9MM3736d ago

It would be nice if they did bring back (near) full backwards compatability for those of us who want it. If they used a 100-120 (or larger) GB hard drive, I probably wouldn't even bother upgrading it. It is a lot of space, after all, especially for a games console. I don't see the PS3 or the 360 offering us much in the way of large downloads this generation (unless they both start to offer more last generation games on each.

You are right. It is nice that Sony allows you to pretty much utilize any drive you want in the 2.5 inch range for the PS3, but Joe Average has no clue how to change that or even that he/she could. It's a good idea.

Ashta3736d ago

Considering SCEI's track record through 2007 "Rumor and Speculation" has usually translated to "Aww shoot, you found us out!"

Not to say that the 120gb isn't a fake or anything, but they claimed the price drops and the 40gb SKU's were "rumors" at least a week up until they were announced for each.

Still, a 120gb would be sweet for those who want more than 40gb.

kewlkat0073736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )


Sony really bad at keeping these things under wraps.

One good indication is the "Trend" of what retail stores start to do, then we know something is up but has not been confirmed.

just like when best buy and CC started to promote the 80 gig PS3 and the firesale of the 60 gig version.

pp3736d ago

whats next 240gb 280gb 320gb

pharmd3736d ago

as long as it isnt ever 360gig it will be great :P

predator3736d ago

i knew i should of waited to get a ps3. now im stuck with a 40 gig with no backwards conpatability. doh!!!

kewlkat0073736d ago

and get urself a 60 giger and update the HDD and wait for the dual shock rumble in a couple of months.

predator3736d ago

you cant get a 60 gig here in the UK. sucks.

rogimusprime3736d ago

at least you don't b!tch and moan constantly the price is always too high knowing damn well you will never even buy one, or can't afford it period.

I won't even mention names....

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