PixelJunk Monsters · Boomtown Review

"Essentially, PixelJunk has fulfilled their premise of simplistic games with low (but by no means poor) production values but deep and satisfying gameplay. It is a lot of game for your money, especially if you have the patience to slog your way through it all, much like more classic video games that we remember fondly, but it does bear more than a passing resemblance to 'Desktop Tower Defence' (Google it) in its gameplay choice. Unlike the web based DTD, there is no lenient mode giving you a tonne of money to play with as a sandbox which would have been a good introduction or sidetrack, but PixelJunk Monsters comes highly recommended for its addictive and satisfying gameplay that makes the game more than the sum of its parts, especially for its price."


• Graphics: 5 - Simplistic in style. Not necessarily a bad thing however, as it fits the style of game that it is aiming for.

• Durability: 7 - Challenging and lengthy if you bother to play through.

• Sound: 6 - Definitely nothing special, though again, nothing wrong with it.

• Gameplay: 8 - It's addictive and a well rounded experience.

• Overall rating: 8

Review by James Hamer-Morton

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Lew_Ijgee3676d ago

This game is extremely addictive and the challenge makes the game more fun to play. Definitely a worth wild buy for only US 7.99.

Relcom3676d ago

A friend and I played til 3 in the morning last night. Now i'm bout to pass out at work.

The game is brutally hard, but I like games like that.

thewhoopimen3676d ago

I was so mad about getting this game after going through a couple marathon sessions myself. I thought I'd spend about an hour or two of my afternoon weekend... Wasted my whole day.