Coming in 2008...Wanna Bet?

OXM Online writes:

"Back in the really old days, games ran to a pretty tight schedule in terms of their development cycle. If you're an informed gamer, you probably know about Atari's ET the Extra Terrestrial from 1982, which took just six weeks to go from Howard Scott Warshaw's cubicle to retailers so it could meet Christmas deadlines. Needless to say, it wasn't great – in fact, it's regarded as one of the worst games of all time, and set the ball rolling for an industry wide crash in the US in 1983."

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Multigamer3676d ago

hope they do come out, all great games

mirroredderorrim3676d ago

I'll be getting Alan Wake and Too Human for sure. I saw Halo Wars, I think it's supposed to be an RTS? I hope they steer clear of releasing it around the time when Starcraft II is released. I'd feel sorry for Bungie.

Honeal2g3676d ago

but i am almost positive bungie has nothing to do with this one...i hear that they help out with backstory here and there but otherwise comlpetly hands off

predator3676d ago

Honeal2g is correct. they just help out with story and character design, ensemble studios are doing everything else (guys that do age of empires) the game is looking really good/

pshizle3675d ago

HALO sure to sell way more than starcraft

3676d ago
rootEXT3675d ago

Let it be true please!